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Paying It Forward Outside Of Our Lanes, Networks, And Circles

On November 11th, the Connecticut Chapter of Prospanica, the association for Hispanic professionals, with the support of its corporate and educational partners in the community, will be holding Quest 2017 at Southern Connecticut State University.

The event, delivering “a one day Education Summit for Latino/Minority High School Students,” seeks to provide focused guidance and resources to students who are nearing high school graduation and beginning to consider the next step in their lives.

Through the volunteers, participants, speakers and presenters contributing to the summit, the students are inspired and encouraged to prepare themselves for a successful transition into their college years. The students learn about applying to college and financing their education, while also attending workshops covering themes on how they can develop themselves, their…

What People Teach Us: Muhammad Ali — Free To Be What I Want

Every so often society endures the passing of an icon–someone whose absence makes the world feel like it’s lost a bit of its luster and faded in energy.

These icons are people who seemed to not only stray from the script of what society expected of them, but took the script, incinerated it, and set out to lay out their own path for others to follow, should they choose, making all to feel welcome to do so. These icons, such as Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela, for example, called on all of us, through the generations, to come forward and make life better for ourselves by making life better for our fellow man and woman. They espoused the idea of service…

Where Possible, Make Sure You Keep Volunteers In Your Focus

One of the underlying foundations of being a leader is the ability to harness everything that is at one’s disposal.

One should be ready to utilize everything in their environment, both that which is obvious and that which is not, to improve and grow that mission with which they are entrusted or toward which they are working. We should be ready to take advantage of tools that have always been realized and used, and those which we have to dig deeper to find.  Seeing that which others might not is part of being resourceful.

“Harnessing the power of volunteers is part of the resourcefulness of being a leader.”

But sometimes it is hard to find those resources that will make one’s missions easier…

Volunteering Provides More Value Than Considered At First Glance

“Volunteers are not paid—not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.”

— Author Unknown

Never underestimate the power of volunteering—the ability to step up, be proactive, and provide your skill set, time, and dedication to the cause at hand without seeking compensation or setting quid pro quo expectations. The cause can be a charity—which most people would consider the traditional benefactor of a volunteer—or your organization, or any other entity, party, or person whom could use a helping hand.

As another item on The Self 60 – Professional Development Mind/Setvolunteering can bring more value to your employer, for instance, by providing time or service that is not necessarily based on, or benefiting, your…

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