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Cut Ties To Get Away From The Negative Sooner Rather Than Later

Leadership Lesson: For your own benefit, and that of your stakeholders, you need to monitor what’s working for you — and what’s not — so that you’re not utilizing a disproportionate amount of your resources in an area with a low rate of return on your energy, value, and effort.

Do you hold on to the negative for too long? Do you keep such a long-lasting grip on things that aren’t working out, whether they’re in your personal life, work, or leadership?

After ongoing discussions in sessions, too many coaching clients discover – and then admit — that they put too much time and attention into the wrong areas of their lives. They begin to see that they…

Knowing Your Worth Doesn’t Mean You Need To Beat Your Chest

Leadership Lesson: Don’t be afraid to show how good you are. Holding back your potential makes no sense for you or your stakeholders.

Does being good at something mean you should shut the hell up?

Not really.

Let’s walk through this.

Knowing and Demonstrating Value

To build up to answering that first question, first answer this: What does the expression of your value and values mean to you?

This question means to steer you toward two additional questions to consider: (1) How important are your value and worth to you? and (2) How do you demonstrate your value and worth to others?

The first question is very important, as it is the foundation for both. It asks you to understand what you’re…

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