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What You Put Up With: What Does Your Toleration Threshold Lead To?

Leadership Lesson: There can be no growth or development forward if you’re tolerating too much, unwisely using your precious resources, including energy and reputation, to hold things together or keep appearances.

There’s just too much that can go sideways then drag you down if you put up with too much BS in your life and work.

In so many words that’s how I’ve responded to high school students when they’ve asked me what my tip from The Self 60, Monitor Your Tolerations, means.

The Self 60 is a list of 60 brief tips, originally created for students to keep in mind as they make their…

Cut Ties To Get Away From The Negative Sooner Rather Than Later

Leadership Lesson: For your own benefit, and that of your stakeholders, you need to monitor what’s working for you — and what’s not — so that you’re not utilizing a disproportionate amount of your resources in an area with a low rate of return on your energy, value, and effort.

Do you hold on to the negative for too long? Do you keep such a long-lasting grip on things that aren’t working out, whether they’re in your personal life, work, or leadership?

After ongoing discussions in sessions, too many coaching clients discover – and then admit — that they put too much time and attention into the wrong areas of their lives. They begin to see that they…

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