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What Do You Expect For Yourself That You Don’t Provide To Others?

Leadership Lesson: Too often, we seek out what we need from others — the best conditions and treatment — without thinking about whether or not we’re providing it to others ourselves, whether in advance or in return.

One of the strongest predictors of great development is what someone takes in from the environment around them. Positive experiences and results can build someone up, pushing them further into their own success and achievements. Negative experiences can hinder someone, infusing toxicity or even an emptiness into one’s experience, creating a void where very little grows and much less is created.

And the positive and negative experiences can result from either the actions or inactions of others. What someone doesn’t do can be just as impactful as what they actually do.

On the…

Whether You’re A Leader Or Not, How Have You Walked In Others’ Shoes?

Leadership Lesson: Part of effectively helping and serving others is paying attention to and understanding what goes into the work they do and the needs they have.

In order to move people from the current state of things into a better future in the smoothest and most effective fashion, leaders should consider what it’s like to walk in their followers’ shoes.

Only by truly understanding everything his or her people have to go through and experience can a leader make the best decisions to effectively complement the ongoing daily work.

So, as they make their way, leaders should keep the impacts of both their general and specific actions and decisions in mind.

Keeping the specific impacts in mind means leaders shouldn’t be making decisions without truly understanding the work…

What Do You Lose By Not Sorting Through Environmental Noise?

Leadership Lesson: It’s always important to step in and help others see each other’s points of view, so that everyone can work toward the common goal.

There is so much noise in our environments. Whether this noise is reflected in the inability to communicate, the wrong fashion of communicating, or allowing too much emotion into our communication, nothing moves forward and everything becomes vulnerable to that noise.

To begin diminishing the noise, let’s start with you: Are you completely closed off to all ideas and opinions that surround you? That is where that noise begins — in the process, or lack thereof, of interacting with ideas.

My hope is that you’re not. I’m hoping you at least acknowledge those concepts, whatever forms they may take.

There’s no…

Lessons Are Everywhere: 10 Leadership Lessons From The FIFA World Cup

Leadership Lesson: There are lessons everywhere — visuals and scenarios from which you can draw the deepest meaning and best examples of how to be a leader and bring out the best in yourself and others.

And, just like that, the fever is over, the games have ended, and the new champion is crowned. Powerhouses such as Brazil, Germany, and Argentina were sent home sooner than expected, while many more teams made it much further than the odds posted against them had afforded. The month in which the FIFA World Cup plays out is a great time to see the world faces in the crowd on TV and in the bars and restaurants in our neighborhoods and communities.

We look to the players to provide…

Your Leadership Wake: How Do You Guide And Support Others?

Leadership Lesson: Leadership is about building others, engaging their best, and challenging them toward their best, to build toward a common goal.

This previous post had broken down the power and influence of leadership impact and introduced this series of posts covering where the wake from a leader’s actions can be observed and felt.

It outlined how a leader — or anyone, for that matter — can create and leave behind a positive, exhausting, or neutral experience for those around them, based on how they approach different areas such as collaboration, communication, and expression.

It asked us to consider what a leader leaves in their wake.

This post is one of many in the series which breaks down a few of the areas in which…

Trump (& Sessions) vs. Comey: Does A Mission End With The Absence Of A Leader?

(Before you read this post: This post is not responsible for the constant shifting, clashing versions, and various iterations of the same story by the administration. There’s just no way to keep up.)

This week, President Trump abruptly fired Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey while the bureau was in the middle of an investigation into whether there was collusion between Trump’s campaign staff and Russia leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

In his official letter to Comey making the firing effective, Trump stated that in doing so he was working off of the recommendations of both the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General, which suggested new leadership was needed at the FBI.

Sessions being…

When You Want To Move Forward, Avoid The Dead End That Is “I Don’t Know.”

Leadership and professional development culminate in, ultimately, a goal we have for ourselves, but it begins by serving others.

It begins with serving others because, very rarely, can such goals be accomplished without others buying into, believing and investing in, or contributing to what we are trying to achieve, whether they are customers, staff, or other stakeholders.

And there are various ways to serve others.

First and foremost, we can provide others with focused and definitive consultation, guidance, and advice, among other things, based on the knowledge we hold.

Another way in which we can serve others is providing possible options when we don’t have that first-hand knowledge or immediate information to solve a problem.

So, whereas in the methods outlined in the former example of service, where…

As Demonstrated In Brexit: How Do You Include A Former Opponent?

The Brexit Referendum has come and gone, and through it the people of the United Kingdom–England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland–decided to leave the European Union with the decision to leave winning by a relatively slim margin.  There are various reasons both sides of the argument supported their side and opposed the other when it came to the vote of whether or not to stay with the bloc of 28 member states in Europe that served, overall, as a “single market.” The status of the UK in the EU has many implications from a financial, economic, trade, and ethnographic, among other considerations.

Related Post: Everyone’s A Customer

Soon after the vote, Prime Minister David Cameron, who campaigned for and supported the UK…

For All Its Relevance And Benefits, Does Emotional Intelligence Have A Dark Side?


Leadership Lesson: It’s important to consider how you recognize and utilize the emotions you see and can interpret in your environment, using them to the workplace’s advantage and not only for your benefit.

Since its first mention in the leadership development field, Emotional Intelligence (or “EQ” for “Emotional Quotient”) has been seen as the someone’s ability to understand and read their environment with clear thinking so as to react without emotion in the moment.

It allows one to be able to process and handle the situation at-hand as objectively as possible without getting wrapped up in the situation so that they can step outside themselves and determine how to proceed effectively, without their response being clouded by immediate emotion.

Since the phrase and concept was coined, much…

Regardless Of The Title Of Anyone You May Be Dealing With, Respect the Person

Leadership Lesson: One true measure of leadership is how you treat someone who can do nothing for you, ensuring their dignity, reputation, and pride remain left in tact after any interaction.

It’s obvious that throughout the workplace relationships exist, reflected in how we interact with one another.  The success of the organization is based on how smoothly those interactions function.

One of the general components of how relationships function in the workplace is the interlocking of the technical aspects and responsibilities of those relationships, for instance, from boss-to-subordinate, or colleague-to-colleague, laterally.

The other component is the professionalism which guides or serves as the foundation for that technical interaction. Professionalism, for our purposes, means courtesy, respect, and emotional intelligence, and other aspects of how we carry ourselves…

When It Comes To How Success Is Achieved, Is Everyone On The Same Page?

What does success mean to you? Is it your success? Success of the mission? Success of the team? Success of others?

The impact on all of these groups should be considered as you proceed in carrying out your particular idea of success. More specifically, as it pertains to these constituents, each member should make sure that any actions taken to work toward what they believe is the true success does not impede on the work of others.

Do your strategic steps for success work in stark contrast to the actions and message of others? Do they undermine the work of others?

It is ok for one to have a perceived idea of how things should work to achieve success but with so many stakeholders impacted, one should…

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