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The Quest for High School Students: Self-Leadership & Getting To Where You Want To Be

Leadership Lesson: For a student (of any kind), learning the lessons of leadership can begin as soon as someone shares with them both the lessons and the reasons why the lessons are important.

I got a good laugh recently when I showed the picture above to the high school students to whom I was presenting a leadership workshop. Right before I showed them this picture, I asked them to answer some questions by a show of hands:

Who here has a cell phone?

All hands went up.

Who here has a smart phone?

All hands went up.

Who here uses texting?

All hands went up.

It was those questions that elicited the outburst of laughter. I saw it coming. It was expected. And I admitted to the students the questions…

Students: In Interviews, These Four Areas Of Focus Beat “Perfection” Every Time – Part 2

Leadership Lesson: Great interviewing mirrors what we do everyday, when we demonstrate to others the quality of our work, skill, and character.

Continued from Part 1   

Keep this in mind: There is no such thing as perfection when it comes to making an impression of any kind, especially during an interview.

Much in the same way we might expend too much energy fighting off fear and insecurity, we can also expend too much energy fighting to perfect the impression we give others. The former is a draining defensive effort while the latter is a draining offensive tactic, and neither gets you anywhere.

The stress of those draining forces can be detected by others in how someone comes across, because it can hinder…

Students: In Interviews, These Four Areas Of Focus Beat “Perfection” Every Time – Part 1

Leadership Lesson: As in interviewing, perfection doesn’t exist. That doesn’t mean you can’t show them your best and what you’re made of.

Don’t be perfect. Be You.

Recently, I sat on a panel of professionals at an event held for students from the University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business. The panel was part of a series of career-oriented events welcoming the students back to campus after winter break.

The overall goal of the event was to get the students thinking about how to stand out from the crowd while interviewing for either internships or jobs.

In addition to my leadership coaching background, the balance of the panel was comprised of talent acquisition specialists and human resource professionals…

To The Future Leaders: Here Are Some Tips For Your Path

Leadership Lessons: It falls upon each of us to keep in mind and share with others, especially students, the tips we’ve learned on our leadership and development path.

If given the opportunity, what tips would you ask students — or anyone younger than you, for that matter — to consider as they make their way through life, work, and education?

This past fall, I got that opportunity.

I was asked again to present at Prospanica’s Quest 2017, the latest installation of the annual education summit, which, by working with its corporate and community sponsors, always seeks to provide a holistic exposition of educational and developmental tools to minority students from throughout Connecticut.

The event aims to make an impact…

My One Message To The Graduates In Order To Help You: Challenge Me

To you, as a graduate, here is a tip of tremendous value I can provide to you: Challenge Me.

Before we get to why, let me offer you congratulations on your graduation! This is a tremendous achievement in and of itself, but even more tremendous if you do all that you can to build off of it.

Whether it’s a high school diploma, or an undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate degree, you’re further along your path of knowledge (and self-discovery) than when you first entered your most recent program or institution. And with that progression you advance into a new level of development and self-awareness.

Do you know how to approach it?

Do you know enough to stop and ask, or think about how you should approach…

Whether You’re A Student Or A Seasoned Professional, Use The Self 60 List

The Self 60 – Professional Development Mind/Set was first compiled as a list of tips and concepts for business school undergraduates to consider and learn before entering their internships or full-time jobs.

The list, so named for the 60 items which make it up, like other pieces of advice and guidance, should be broken down and vetted, item-by-item, in order to understand what each tip means, how it applies, and how a student (of any age) can then utilize it going forward.

The list does not encompass everything that should be considered, but is instead a foundation of approaches and attitudes — a starting point — of which one should be cognizant before entering, understanding, and influencing the workplace.  It also…

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