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Professionalism: How Do You Demonstrate It In Your Own Personal Way?

Leadership Lesson: When working toward something, it’s key to balance what we perceive as important in what we want to learn with the value that we already have, making sure not to let go of what is so special about ourselves.

What does it mean to “be professional?”

Last week, I was approached by a recent graduate who had reached out for some advice on how they could build up their professionalism. They had sent me a message based on a presentation I had given on emotional intelligence and leadership in the virtual world and my own coaching experience.

What ensued was a great conversation, with me asking them certain questions to get them thinking about enhancing (and not diminishing) their own value – value…

Keep In Mind: You Have To Earn Your Official Leadership Position…Twice

Leadership Lesson: Earning respect in leadership is an ongoing exercise in which there is no room for complacency in one’s performance, no matter what position or level is achieved.

You need to keep earning your stripes.

Leadership doesn’t have to be designated or official to be effective, but in the cases where official positions are being discussed, leadership has to be earned twice – the first on the path to that official leadership assignment, and the second after the attainment of the new assignment.

That second bite at proving one’s leadership worth is a demonstration that the promotion into the higher position was well-earned and is respected and taken seriously by that leader.

Some people fall off the wagon after…

Lessons Everywhere: You Can Learn Strategy In The Most Unlikely Of Places

Developing yourself is about learning and drawing knowledge from books, experiences, and other sources, refining the information and organizing it in such a way that it both suits and reflects you.

When it comes to retaining lessons learned from other people, that knowledge, which contributes to the overall package of who you are, should not all necessarily be drawn from one source. And there are various reasons for which it’s important to maintain a wide variety of sources.

First, if you take all the information from one source, you become more of a replica of another person’s experiences than a person of your own making.

Second, taking it all from one source makes you equally susceptible to that source’s vulnerabilities. What he or she knows and doesn’t…

As A Professional, In Addition To “Yes,” How Do You Say “No?”

In the game of chess, for each move made and piece utilized, there is a reason which could be revealed either immediately or a few moves later.

Whether the moved piece is used in that instant to make a fatal blow to the opposing side or for setting the stage for another piece to make the blow in a coming step, its action has meaning and purpose.

Much in the same way, there are also instances where moves or steps are foregone on the chess board for similar reasons. They are given up either for a better strategy or to be part of a strategy in a later move. There can be numerous reasons why, but the reasoning is always likely revealed, again, a few…

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