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What Potential Do You See In What’s Around You? In The People, Places, And Ideas?

Leadership Lesson: Leadership is not only about enjoying and building off of what is already established but also about investigating, empowering, and building up that which is all around us, unseen by others, and holds untapped potential.

Leadership is about more than you. It’s also about more than others. It’s about more than what either you or them brings to…

If You’re Stagnant And Spinning Your Wheels, You May Be B.O.B.

Leadership Lesson: If you don’t take advantage of the skills and knowledge your people want to contribute, they’ll burn out because they have no platform in which to burn off that energy.


Are you Burnt Out Bored? So much of your talent, not only not taken for granted but not taken…at all.  You might have been hired or…

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