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When It Comes To Integrity, “Playing Nice” Shouldn’t Mean Giving Up What You Stand For

Leadership Lesson: In order to remain as honest as possible, save time for all parties involved, and retain one’s integrity, it’s important to let others know when you disagree with them, even when it’s with a silent gesture.

At the U.S. Capitol memorial service for Representative Elijah Cummings, who died last week and who was revered by both sides of the aisle for his leadership over the course of his more than twenty years in the House of Representatives, one of his pallbearers, as he made his way through the receiving line of bipartisan congressional leaders, snubbed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s handshake.

Check out the clip below.

Before We Can Find Balance With Others, We Need To Keep Ourselves In Check – Part 1

Leadership Lesson: With others and within ourselves, enhancing our awareness of and openness to a deeper understanding of extreme positions advances progress, so we’re using our time effectively and avoiding outright dismissal of one side or the other.

Things are getting out of control nowadays. Everyone is freaking out. Tensions seem to be running higher and higher.

We all seem to be divided, standing on one side of a issue or the other.

And it’s like this across the higher-profile
arenas of interactions we see today.

Whether it’s politics, religion, or any other ideology, we’re drifting further and further apart, anchored to our side of any given issue, not ceding or forfeiting an inch, idea, or conversation.

The stances people take are usually this/not that, say this/don’t say…

What People Teach Us: Jocko Willink, Arguing For Your Point Yet Asking For Balance

Leadership Lesson: To be effective and credible, we should seek to balance what it is we support with conveying both that we understand its limitations, and that there are other considerations to be taken into account.

This piece by retired Navy Seal, management consulting firm founder, bestselling author, and burgeoning podcaster Jocko Willink is an article of defense. In what he writes, Willink stands firmly against an effort to disarm what he firmly believes in, that in which he’s worked in and for which he has probably — and proudly — stood his entire life and career

The source of his frustration is a recent report by the American Psychological Association called “Guidelines for…

What Do You Lose By Not Sorting Through Environmental Noise?

Leadership Lesson: It’s always important to step in and help others see each other’s points of view, so that everyone can work toward the common goal.

There is so much noise in our environments. Whether this noise is reflected in the inability to communicate, the wrong fashion of communicating, or allowing too much emotion into our communication, nothing moves forward and everything becomes vulnerable to that noise.

To begin diminishing the noise, let’s start with you: Are you completely closed off to all ideas and opinions that surround you? That is where that noise begins — in the process, or lack thereof, of interacting with ideas.

My hope is that you’re not. I’m hoping you at least acknowledge those concepts, whatever forms they may…

What People Teach Us: Caitlyn Jenner, Her Community, And The Opposing Side

In a recent interview on WBUR’s Here and Now, Caitlyn Jenner spoke about her life, covering topics spanning from her early life, to winning Olympic decathlon gold as Bruce Jenner, up into her revelation of her lifelong identification as female. Jenner also covers these topics and more in her new book.

An interesting part of the conversation took place when it turned to politics.

At the time Jenner revealed her newfound life as a woman to Diane Sawyer on 20/20 in April 2015, she was asked how the Republican establishment would accept her.  Jenner was a known conservative whose newly-revealed identity clashed with the well-known traditional, conservative, and religious values of the Republican Party. At that time, she believed it would…

How Far Can Your Empathy and Understanding Take You?

Leadership Lesson: Leadership is nothing without being able to at least see and take into consideration the other side’s stake in and experience with an issue or an environment.

Politics aside, what does it take for you to see the other side of an argument?

Hypothetically, if an issue is brought before our group, how do we understand it as it applies to the greater good of a group and how might we try to relate to its cause and mission?

In January 2017, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Paul Ryan was confronted by a Republican attendee at a CNN town hall, where the man was able to address Speaker Ryan directly and tell him his own story in which he converted from staunch opposition…

Can You Find The Middle Ground Between You and Your Opponent?

Leadership Lesson: Merely talking at someone and repeating your own talking points repeatedly does nothing to move the overall message, relationship, and environment forward.

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election has already gone down as one of the most contentious, divisive, and combative election cycles in United States history.

The term “trickle-down,” aside from being used for economic purposes, could also be used to describe how these antagonistic feelings cascaded from the Presidential campaign down to the Congressional elections, to the state elections, and finally into the general public, impacting the relationships of citizens, friends, and family, alike.

Very rarely were there moments of concession, if at all. In recalling the entire cycle, it only seemed as if there was only one concession with that one…

Samantha Bee vs. Glenn Beck: What Does It Take For You To Come Around?

A face-to-face conversation between Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck. Think about that for a minute.

Beyond that, think of them putting aside their stark differences to come together to the same side.

Imagine these two people — a strong liberal and staunch conservative — coming together, joining forces, to confront a common enemy. Check it out here.

How does this happen? What has to happen for these usual staunch opponents to come together for a common cause? What does it take for one to stop pushing one’s message long enough to see the other side of an argument?

It took them a while to get to that point. There’s no guarantee that it will stay this way, but they found their way to this agreement.


The Effectiveness And Honesty Of The Workplace “Just Sayin'”

“Just Sayin’” is a term that’s invaded and taken over conversations as a quick means for the user to note that they are just seemingly pointing something out without wanting to engage in a debate about what’s been pointed out.

Although it’s overused, it serves an interesting purpose in ongoing discourse.  It allows us to point out that something is off, amiss, or even objectionable, but that the main reason that the user is pointing it out is not to initiate an emotional debate but to have it known that something that might have flown under the radar is quite clear to them.

“Emotion gets us in trouble. It’s not what you say but how you say it.”

There might be various reasons for the…

Leadership Coaching & Mediation: Cousins Continuously Realizing & Harnessing Value

Leadership Lesson: Leadership Coaching and Mediation both to try tap into the same understanding of what we show, what we actually need, and how to make sure honesty comes to the surface to serve all involved in moving forward.

What does mediation have to do with leadership? How are they related?

I’ve had to answer that question more than a few times. It can be unclear to people how one relates to the other.

On a few occasions I’ve been asked, when friends, colleagues, or other professionals have seen my posts and thereafter read the Services section, how and why CiO’s services include both Leadership Coaching and Mediation.

To them, one seemed to be about improving oneself (leadership) while the other appeared to be about improving the relationship between two parties…

What People Teach Us: Bernie Sanders – A Sip of Refreshing Leadership In The Lion’s Den

Politics aside, it’s refreshing to hear requests from our politicians that are more the exception than the regular rule and rigmarole.

Too often we have leaders that push their agendas. And they should do so as that’s what they get elected to do. That’s understood.

“Political posturing–it’s a confusing game of Battleship when it should be a strategic conversation of reasonable requests.”

But they approach it from the standpoint of holding firm their position based on what they, their party or backers, or in political context, their constituents, desire.  Political posturing–it’s a confusing game of Battleship when it should be a strategic conversation of reasonable requests.

So we see examples in the news of leaders pushing their agenda against their rivals. It’s a repetitive process where the steps and actions don’t change–the…

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