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What Would Someone Write About You In A Letter of Reference?

Leadership Lesson: To understand your best attributes, as well as areas which need improvement, it’s advantageous to consider how a letter of reference for you would read.

It’s always great to help someone else out, making sure they’re empowered to reach what they’re working for. Not enough opportunities exist in which each of us can thoroughly highlight someone else’s strengths to others, spelling out exactly how others would benefit from that person’s skills. Just as scarce are the instances in which someone can see such a review of their own efforts and character.

There are no everyday, common instances to share that information about someone else or see it about ourselves.

One of the few mechanisms in which people can both provide those types of thoughts and review…

What People Teach Us: John McCain And The Leader’s Legacy

Leadership Lesson: There are so many lessons we can learn from the leaders we’ve lost. Learning from their best attributes galvanizes their legacy and reinforces our own development and self-reflection.

It’s always sad to lose a great leader. Every day they lived they added strength to their reputation and resolve to their message. They knew how to live their life, espouse and live their values, and work for the betterment of the group. And, although that impact continues through their legacy, the lack of their everyday presence creates such an immense void beyond the obvious physical absence. We lose the everyday visual display of their impact and influence.

And as powerful as that sounds, none of it means you had to agree with every decision they made or…

Your Leadership Wake: In The End, What Would Happen If You Were To Leave Tomorrow?

Leadership Lesson: Always keep the future – the mid-term and long-term — in mind, and consider what things would look like and how well they would work after you’re gone.

This previous post had broken down the power and influence of leadership impact and introduced this series of posts covering where the wake from a leader’s actions can be observed and felt.

It outlined how a leader — or anyone, for that matter — can create and leave behind a positive, exhausting, or neutral experience for those around them, based on how they approach different areas such as collaboration, communication, and expression.

It asked us to consider what a leader leaves in their wake.

This post is the last of the series which has…

The Leader’s Legacy: How Do You Determine How History Will Remember Your Name?

Leadership Lesson: Thinking about what you want your legacy to be — and what it might actually be as of today — helps you shape your leadership to work toward leaving your desired mark.

“History will remember your/their name…”

In the current political climate, tempers run high, patience runs low, and discord and distrust run amok. The political landscape has become unrecognizable and shifted so far away from what is considered traditional and typical decorum and behavior.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is how each side of the political divide continues to stake their claim on the higher morale ground, all the while reassuring the public that their side is actually the one doing what’s best for the…

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