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From The Twitterverse: Elon Musk, Your Most Difficult Problems, and How You Solved Them

Leadership Lesson: What someone considers a problem — and how they address it and all the factors surrounding it — demonstrates a lot about how they pay attention to what is around them, their self-awareness, and how they learn from their experiences.

What’s your problem?

Ok, most of us have several. Let’s not go through the list of today’s. But name one from your past. A tough one. What was it? How did you deal with it? How did it change you?

The reason I ask is that I recently came across the tweet below which mentions how Elon Musk weeds people out in interviews. He asks the question: “What were the most difficult problems you faced and how did you solve them?”

Students: In Interviews, These Four Areas Of Focus Beat “Perfection” Every Time – Part 2

Leadership Lesson: Great interviewing mirrors what we do everyday, when we demonstrate to others the quality of our work, skill, and character.

Continued from Part 1   

Keep this in mind: There is no such thing as perfection when it comes to making an impression of any kind, especially during an interview.

Much in the same way we might expend too much energy fighting off fear and insecurity, we can also expend too much energy fighting to perfect the impression we give others. The former is a draining defensive effort while the latter is a draining offensive tactic, and neither gets you anywhere.

The stress of those draining forces can be detected by others in how someone comes across, because it can hinder…

Students: In Interviews, These Four Areas Of Focus Beat “Perfection” Every Time – Part 1

Leadership Lesson: As in interviewing, perfection doesn’t exist. That doesn’t mean you can’t show them your best and what you’re made of.

Don’t be perfect. Be You.

Recently, I sat on a panel of professionals at an event held for students from the University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business. The panel was part of a series of career-oriented events welcoming the students back to campus after winter break.

The overall goal of the event was to get the students thinking about how to stand out from the crowd while interviewing for either internships or jobs.

In addition to my leadership coaching background, the balance of the panel was comprised of talent acquisition specialists and human resource professionals…

It’s Time To Find Your Confidence When It Comes To Interviewing

Confidence can make or break you.

Your level of confidence may vary, increasing or decreasing from situation-to-situation. This variation is based on past experiences, and our understanding and level of certainty from one situation to the next.

Like with most things, confidence in the everyday is a matter of perception-it conveys what we think we see and feel. More specifically, confidence is the face demonstrating that which we understand and of which we are certain.

If we are, at least, seemingly certain of all the factors in one situation, the next time we’ll be more certain (or confident). If we’re not as certain or feel uneasy in one instance, the next time we’ll feel just as uncertain (or less confident).

“…We tend to get tripped up on the unknown…

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