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Leaders Protecting Followers: How Many Forms Do You Think That Takes?

Leadership Lesson: Aside from protecting followers from outside forces, intrusions, and obstacles, leaders should also protect followers from the many ways they may limit, do in, and derail themselves.

I recently came across a graphic on Instagram that simply stated Leadership = Protection. In the caption below the illustration, the account asked Are you protecting your followers? Are you protecting your leaders? and then subsequently concluded A true leader protects all people around them.

Generally speaking, this is true. But many people might see this graphic, read the brief commentary, and believe that the “protections” mentioned are those traditionally thought of as automatically provided by leaders against outside forces. They may think such protections are against other team members and workers, superiors up the chain…

What People Teach Us: James Mattis – Considering Everything Our Leaders Are, Not Just What Impacts Us

Leadership Lesson: We should consider everything that makes up our leaders — and which will probably contribute to our own legacy — so we’re not just loyal to our leaders’ loyalty to our own priorities.

So General James Mattis, our country’s latest Secretary of Defense, has had enough.

He has tendered his letter of resignation, effective a few months from now, stating the President would be best served by a Secretary whose military and diplomatic vision are “better aligned” with his own.

And, based on the actions the president wants to take without consulting his Secretary — drawing down troops in both Syria and Afghanistan — it makes sense. Soldiers — those both…

Our Leaders’ Lessons: Dan Starbuck Pelletier and Leadership – You Need To Live It

Dan Starbuck Pelletier, Founder & President – DIG USA

In this “Our Leaders’ Lessons” series of posts, I recap what I’ve learned, and what we can all draw, from the leaders I’ve interviewed for the Coach It Out with Everyday Leaders podcast series.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to interview people from numerous fields, who serve different communities, come from varied backgrounds, but who essentially are all driven by a very similar purpose: wanting to make the world around them better.

These leaders, who are all around us, are role models within their communities and organizations, always demonstrating the importance of serving others.

This is Dan Starbuck Pelletier

Your leadership, which encompasses your dreams, goals, and aspirations — how do you live it?

I sat down with Dan Starbuck…

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