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What Do You Lose By Not Sorting Through Environmental Noise?

Leadership Lesson: It’s always important to step in and help others see each other’s points of view, so that everyone can work toward the common goal.

There is so much noise in our environments. Whether this noise is reflected in the inability to communicate, the wrong fashion of communicating, or allowing too much emotion into our communication, nothing moves forward and everything becomes vulnerable to that noise.

To begin diminishing the noise, let’s start with you: Are you completely closed off to all ideas and opinions that surround you? That is where that noise begins — in the process, or lack thereof, of interacting with ideas.

My hope is that you’re not. I’m hoping you at least acknowledge those concepts, whatever forms they may…

What People Teach Us: Travis Kalanick — Temper vs. Leadership

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick posted a “Profound Apology” on the company’s website to atone for or, at least, begin atoning for his behavior in a video which surfaced of him berating an Uber driver, while he was a fare in the man’s car, who had challenged him on the company’s policies which purportedly cost the driver $97,000 in losses.

In the posted apology, Kalanick states “It’s clear this video is a reflection of me – and the criticism we’ve received is a stark reminder that I must fundamentally change as a leader and grow up. This is the first time I’ve been willing to admit that I need leadership help and I intend to get it.”

“…receiving leadership coaching…is no substitute…

What Do You Allow As “Free Speech?”: Milo vs. Maher

Are you open to dialogue with a staunchly entrenched opponent or do you just ignore them?

Notoriously liberal comedian and political TV host Bill Maher sat down with alt-right poster boy Milo Yiannopoulis on the former’s HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher in a meeting of ideological extremes brought together by Maher’s push to get liberals to open up to that which they find, at best, uncomfortable and, at worst, ideologically reprehensible.

Overall, through the course of the show, Maher was more open to listening to Yiannopoulis’ ideas than the rest of his panel of guests, which tends to lean left the majority of the time.

Neither Maher nor Yiannopoulis is known to hold back in the respective political and societal realms they occupy….

Trump Is A Great Teacher: How Does Your Authenticity Measure Up?

OK. Maybe not a teacher, as teachers usually teach lessons that we need and should learn. But he does teach us…to be aware. He doesn’t do it through the example he sets of his own self-awareness but by the ability of awareness that he lacks.

By watching him we learn that AWARENESS IS EVERYTHING.

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His lessons to the rest of us may not be intentional with the goal of teaching in mind, and they might be so obvious that one might ask “What does this teach me about the real world if Trump’s actions are so obvious?” but there is much to be gleaned from his actions (and inactions).

“…people are always aware of you.  Not…

What People Teach Us: How Trump and Solo Lose (Even More) Face When Losing

Lessons in leadership, character and integrity are everywhere. Keep an eye out for them.

We can learn from the good and positive, as well as the bad and negative. We can learn from others’ examples in order to learn both what to do and what to avoid.

We need look no further than Donald Trump and Hope Solo to see how someone’s character sours their own appeal, perception and message to worldwide audiences (even more). Trump has been known to name-call and disrespect anyone who’s ever disagreed with him and Solo is known for being the caustic puzzle piece on the U.S. Women’s Soccer team.

But lately, their words are picking up steam — his while his losing margin grows in the…

Emotional Intelligence: This Is What It’s Like To Break The 4th Wall

Leadership Lesson: We need to step back and see from the outside how things are truly playing out, so that we’re not blinded by the emotion from within our role.

The world as we know it is seemingly deteriorating, falling apart as the divisions between the groups of our fellow men, women and children continue to grow.

Or at least that’s the way it feels.

The world is made up of myriad beliefs, whether based in religion, politics, race or other demographics, which are in some cases viewed as uncompromising by their opposing sides as they all work in their own methods toward their own definition of a better environment and world.

So many of the interactions between the groups are based in off-putting opposition…

For All Its Relevance And Benefits, Does Emotional Intelligence Have A Dark Side?


Leadership Lesson: It’s important to consider how you recognize and utilize the emotions you see and can interpret in your environment, using them to the workplace’s advantage and not only for your benefit.

Since its first mention in the leadership development field, Emotional Intelligence (or “EQ” for “Emotional Quotient”) has been seen as the someone’s ability to understand and read their environment with clear thinking so as to react without emotion in the moment.

It allows one to be able to process and handle the situation at-hand as objectively as possible without getting wrapped up in the situation so that they can step outside themselves and determine how to proceed effectively, without their response being clouded by immediate emotion.

Since the phrase and concept was coined, much…

In Her Return To Her Show, Kelly Ripa’s [Whatever That Was] Was Great!

What a way to come back!  I had seen somewhere on TV that Kelly Ripa, being blind-sided by an announcement that Michael Strahan, her full-time co-host of three-and-a-half years, was leaving in the fall to pursue a full-time stint on Good Morning America, was a no-show a day after the announcement.

Apparently she had not been told ahead of time of Strahan’s future departure and was shocked at the news. The show had to use guest co-hosts to sit in for her while she took time to process the news she received…at the same time as the rest of the world.

Was she disappointed by the fact that the news wasn’t shared with her beforehand or was it the news itself? Who truly knows?

I was curious to see what…

Are You Their Leader Or Are You Their Leader…For Today?

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders demonstrate the phenomenon perfectly of how the criteria for a leader might shift so drastically.

Their backers, up until Trump and Sanders’ latest appearance on the national stage, would have traditionally backed other candidates in these respective parties, seeking those whose message aligned and reconciled closest to their own concerns, but it has now taken angered, outright disappointment, and calls for drastic action in both ideologies to build a coalescence of new citizens to elevate these candidates’ poll numbers, messages, and movements.

“As a leader, have you taken the pulse of those who follow you?”

Think about those you lead. They are in a position to be lead, meaning they are waiting for your…

During the Up’s and Down’s In Your Environment, Keep Your Fire, Not Just Your Cool

Sometimes, you just have to let it out, expressing what’s on your mind. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Common practice is to err on the side of caution, which is fine, but many do it to the point of paralysis. This inhibition stems from a misconception that a leader always has to be composed and can’t show the normal reactions or negative emotions that one might be able to convey in any other situation. Yes, part of being a leader is remaining cool, calm, and collected, but that doesn’t mean that a leader can’t show passion through emotion. It doesn’t mean a leader can’t get worked up. Unfortunately, most times, people of any level or title are often keeping the peace so as…

As A Leader, Make Sure You’re Providing Reassurance In Your Strategy

As the field and discipline of leadership has evolved, students of its tenets have come to understand that leadership is less about the leader herself and more about what she provides for others. Understanding. Support. Education. These are but a few of the various pillars upon which leadership is built.

Another key practice a leader needs to include in her toolbox is reassurance.  The role that reassurance plays in the workplace and in life has grown with time.  As the world grows more complex through communication, technology, and other means of access, it means its inhabitants can reach each other faster.  Through that speed everything in the world seems to move that much more quickly.

“…In a proactive environment, the bulk of productive…

What People Teach Us: In Trump’s Tangled Mess, There Is No Apology Needed.

Leadership Lesson: Merely demanding an apology from someone, in response to an offensive action, with no other discussion or connection, doesn’t really achieve as much as one would think.

There should be no apology sought of Trump for what he has said about Muslims, among other indiscretions he’s been guilty of during his Presidential nomination campaign.

This does not mean what he said is right or not reprehensible.

Let’s explain.

Society needs to be cognizant about how often it seeks, and pushes for, apologies.

These apology situations are reminiscent of a growing movement of detractors against the culture that they perceive as an Everyone-Gets-A-Trophy society. The common argument against that perceived society is that not all deserve a trophy, and that the award is some kind of ill-gotten validation to make…

Do Your Best To Provide Fresh Perspective And Break The Cycle In Your Environments

Whether you are entering a new endeavor or navigating your established workplace, be aware of and try to resist falling into the quick sand of environments which are perpetuated by using the same approach without any adjustment in course or method.

Because they don’t adjust, these environments tend to miss out on and lack the results that could be possible for all stakeholders and parties involved because they address issues the way they’ve always been addressed.

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When we’re in our different environments, too often we get stuck in our own ways and methods that we fail to see those of other parties and stakeholders around us. Frequently, this stagnation is present…

Another Instance Where A Leader Lacks Leadership “Muscle”

Racial tensions have grown in the United States at an alarming and seemingly exponential rate in the last year. Stories have continued to reach the headlines on a regular basis with the tension and public outcry the same but with a different locations as the backdrop.

The irony in one particular story in this turbulent year, from the University of Missouri protests, is striking as the media professor reported on in the story threatened the…media by calling for “some muscle” to come and help remove them.  So there are two strikes against her and they have nothing to do with her cause.

“Leadership isn’t only about what you do do, but also what you don’t do. You exude just as much leadership in your…

When It Comes To Much Needed Support, Who Does a Leader Turn To?

Bill George, a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Business school wrote this post on the topic of Overcoming the Leadership of Loneliness.

George’s post brings up a great point we mostly hear in a misquoted quote.  “Heavy is the head that wears the crown,” is what most people say but the correct quote is, “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.”  Although stated in a play by King Henry over the impending threats against his reign, many have used this quote to illustrate the pressure that befalls a leader, in general.

“In most cases, there’s a difference between what people might see from the outside and the reality that resides in the leader’s head.”

In most cases, there’s a difference between what people might see…

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