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Before We Can Find Balance With Others, We Need To Keep Ourselves In Check – Part 2

Leadership Lesson: With others and within ourselves, enhancing our awareness of and openness to a deeper understanding of extreme positions advances progress, so we’re using our time effectively and avoiding outright dismissal of one side or the other.

Continued from Part I

Tolerating Negativity vs. Eliminating It

Negativity should never be tolerated at all, but it’s included in this list of items to balance because (a) we can’t pretend it doesn’t exist, and (b) sometimes you can’t just simply end relationships that are toxic — some may be people we can’t walk away from, such as family. And so, then, we need balance.

So, the important thing is to make sure you’re doing what you…

Betsy DeVos: How Will Her (Lack Of) Experience Impact Her Performance?

Politics aside, what examples have you seen personally of someone with no experience tackling a new environment, company or industry?

Whether or not you’ve seen it in your personal life, we’re all witness to this type of scenario playing out at one of the highest levels of government.

Betsy Devos, a Republican billionaire, fund-raiser and philanthropist, has been one of the most controversial presidential cabinet position confirmations in recent history as she waited to be confirmed as the U.S. Secretary of Education under President Trump.

DeVos has been criticized for her…

Another Instance Where A Leader Lacks Leadership “Muscle”

Racial tensions have grown in the United States at an alarming and seemingly exponential rate in the last year. Stories have continued to reach the headlines on a regular basis with the tension and public outcry the same but with a different locations as the backdrop.

The irony in one particular story in this turbulent year, from the University of Missouri protests, is striking as the media professor reported on in the story threatened the…media by calling for “some muscle” to come and help remove them.  So there are two strikes against her and they have nothing to do with her cause.

“Leadership isn’t only about what you do do, but also what you don’t do. You exude just as much leadership in your inaction as…

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