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The Leadership Lesson In A Song: You Can Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Leadership Lesson: Whether from a song or not, in order to learn from others’ experiences, make sure to listen to both the subtle and overt messages and understand what you hear and see in the words of others. 

You know how when someone points something out to you you hadn’t previously recognized or noticed, you tend to see it again? You tend to see it in places you wouldn’t have expected, even in your everyday routine and environments, like it was there all along, and someone just had to open you up to it.

That’s how I’ve been with leadership since first learning about it – really learning about it. 

Someone – most likely an instructor – probably pointed…

How Do You Refocus, Recharge, And Get Going When You’re Stuck?

Leadership Lesson: Step back and recognize when you’re feeling stuck and the steps you need to take to refocus your attention, revise your plan, and push forward.

How do you recharge when you feel like you’re stuck and paralyzed while working toward your goals?

There will be times in the course of our work and lives when we might end up feeling like we’ve lost our energy, our motivation, or, in some cases, even our purpose.

For some, the heart doesn’t have to be in the work. For others, it’s paramount. Where do you stand?

Which one of these steps have you taken when your heart wasn't in your work…

Our Leaders’ Lessons: Dan Starbuck Pelletier and Leadership – You Need To Live It

Dan Starbuck Pelletier, Founder & President – DIG USA

In this “Our Leaders’ Lessons” series of posts, I recap what I’ve learned, and what we can all draw, from the leaders I’ve interviewed for the Coach It Out with Everyday Leaders podcast series.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to interview people from numerous fields, who serve different communities, come from varied backgrounds, but who essentially are all driven by a very similar purpose: wanting to make the world around them better.

These leaders, who are all around us, are role models within their communities and organizations, always demonstrating the importance of serving others.

This is Dan Starbuck Pelletier

Your leadership, which encompasses your dreams, goals, and aspirations — how do you…

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