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A Leader’s Relatability: Does Your Message Sound Too Scripted And Polished

Leadership Lesson: In order to avoid sounding too scripted and unnatural, a leader should tap into and refine their self-awareness when conveying the message of their mission, intentions, and plans.

The basis for this post was a conversation I had with a colleague a few years ago in the thick of the last presidential election, when Hillary Clinton was battling Donald Trump, specifically, in the final debates leading up to the 2016 election.

My colleague made it known they didn’t like Hillary Clinton. That aside from and in addition to the typical reasons people found Clinton unpalatable, they found her to be too polished, leading her to seem too scripted, a by-product of being overprepared. There was nothing natural, so she seemed too manufactured.

My colleague’s comments…

Before We Can Find Balance With Others, We Need To Keep Ourselves In Check – Part 1

Leadership Lesson: With others and within ourselves, enhancing our awareness of and openness to a deeper understanding of extreme positions advances progress, so we’re using our time effectively and avoiding outright dismissal of one side or the other.

Things are getting out of control nowadays. Everyone is freaking out. Tensions seem to be running higher and higher.

We all seem to be divided, standing on one side of a issue or the other.

And it’s like this across the higher-profile
arenas of interactions we see today.

Whether it’s politics, religion, or any other ideology, we’re drifting further and further apart, anchored to our side of any given issue, not ceding or forfeiting an inch, idea, or conversation.

The stances people take are usually this/not that, say this/don’t say that, believe…

What Do You Allow As “Free Speech?”: Milo vs. Maher

Are you open to dialogue with a staunchly entrenched opponent or do you just ignore them?

Notoriously liberal comedian and political TV host Bill Maher sat down with alt-right poster boy Milo Yiannopoulis on the former’s HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher in a meeting of ideological extremes brought together by Maher’s push to get liberals to open up to that which they find, at best, uncomfortable and, at worst, ideologically reprehensible.

Overall, through the course of the show, Maher was more open to listening to Yiannopoulis’ ideas than the rest of his panel of guests, which tends to lean left the majority of the time.

Neither Maher nor Yiannopoulis is known to hold back in the respective political and societal realms they occupy. Yiannopoulis’ infamy…

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