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The Serenity In Customer Service: Understand What You Can Control & What You Can’t

Leadership Lesson: We may not be able to control all the factors in the environments of work, business, and life, but understanding what we can control and what we can’t will help us provide the best experience for those around us.

The best companies know success is about the experience the customer has, takes away, and tells others about.

Google introduced the world to, and continues to operate, a more clean, streamlined, and powerful search engine (among its other businesses).

Amazon is truly the epitome of one-stop shopping, streamlining the buying process by providing access to a seemingly infinite number of products, easy delivery and return policies, and an expanded portfolio of companies and services, each making customer access their top…

United Airlines, Lesson II: “…This Is When You Need A Slick PR Person Who Lies For A LIving”

First of all, to clarify, the title of this post isn’t tied to United Airlines incident directly but stems from coverage of the incident, so let’s just get that out of the way.

As for the quote in the title, in general, I wouldn’t generalize the Public Relations profession as one which lies for a living. At all.

Do some in the field lie? Most likely. But that’s like any other field or industry — you’re going to have those few bad apples of poor taste. But I would not put PR people in that category of professionals whose main responsibility is to lie. Instead, in most cases, they need to convey…

United Airlines, Lesson I: Balancing Appreciation Of Employees With Responsibility to Customers

How do (should) you balance the respect and responsibility for your staff with your respect and responsibility to your customers?

It should definitely go more smoothly than this.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz was responding to an incident in which a customer of his airline was brutally dragged off of a flight after the airline had randomly selected the passenger to deplane to make room for United employees who needed the seats. As one of a few of the selected customers, the man refused and an altercation ensued with various videos from different passengers perspectives capturing separate parts of the disruption and subsequently making the viral rounds on social media.

It’s always important to praise…

As A Professional, In Addition To “Yes,” How Do You Say “No?”

In the game of chess, for each move made and piece utilized, there is a reason which could be revealed either immediately or a few moves later.

Whether the moved piece is used in that instant to make a fatal blow to the opposing side or for setting the stage for another piece to make the blow in a coming step, its action has meaning and purpose.

Much in the same way, there are also instances where moves or steps are foregone on the chess board for similar reasons. They are given up either for a better strategy or to be part of a strategy in a later move. There can be numerous reasons why, but…

To Be As Effective As Possible, Consider That Everyone’s a Customer

Everyone loves great customer service. Great experiences of customer service are few and far between, and almost unbelievable. It might get to a point where it seems so good to be true that it almost feels as if someone is playing a cruel joke on us.

It’s so rare, but it’s also something that we wish we would encounter more often, and that it were the rule rather than the exception.

Customers are just as eager to share their experiences of great customer service with others as they are about sharing horrible customer experiences, if not moreso, as they want the experience of their colleagues, friends, and acquaintances to go as smooth as their own.

Social media makes it easy…

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