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When It’s Time To Be Thankful, Make Sure You Acknowledge Your Own Work

This time of year we all get sentimental. The season is about family, friends, and realizing the true value of what we have as we close out the year, where toward the end of that celebratory season we’re then faced with what we will take on in New Year’s resolutions.

Giving thanks stems from appreciation, which stems from acknowledgement, which stems from taking stock and assessing what’s…

How Do You Break Down Advice To Determine How It Applies To You?

Leadership Lesson: Advice doesn’t need to be accepted all-or-nothing. Break down advice to identify what may apply to your goals and needs before dismissing or accepting advice completely.

Working in leadership and talent development, one can hear musings go back and forth as to the credibility or reliability of pieces of advice.

Follow your passion. Just be yourself. Everything happens for a reason. Fake it until you make it.

Pieces of advice might be well-intentioned…

Coaching & Mediation: Cousins Continuously Realizing & Harnessing Value

On a few occasions I’ve been asked, when friends, colleagues, or other professionals have seen my posts and thereafter read the Services section, how and why CiO’s services include both Leadership Coaching and Mediation. To them, one seemed to be about improving oneself (leadership) while the other had to do with improving the relationship between two parties (mediation). These are fair points considering the traditional idea and perception of each. But…

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