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What People Teach Us: Nancy Pelosi, Part I – When Is It Time For a Leader To Go?

Leadership Lesson: Leaders should always consider their own effectiveness, the needs of their environment, and their respect for the opinions of others when it comes to their longevity and when it’s time to step down.

At what point does – and should — a leader decide to step aside for the best interest of their mission and group?

As a result of a Democratic Party loss in a recent, closely-watched special election in Georgia, there is a growing call for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to step down. Calls questioning her effectiveness in that role have been loud as far back as November 2016 when she was challenged by Representative Tim Ryan for her leadership role.

These calls for her to step aside and…

Flip Flopping Isn’t The Problem, It’s How You Do It That Is

The previous blog post How Long Do You Wait Before You Admit Something Isn’t Working Out? spoke about Flip Floppers, and about their right to change their minds, while making sure they don’t go about it in a reckless manner.

Specifically, the post notes, “It’s OK to change your mind. Just demonstrate why and what you learned.”

This still rings true, but as with anything else in life, moderation is key. You can only flip flop so many times and with such ease before your credibility suffers.

Usually, politicians are called out the most for jumping from side to side because they deal with issues that are extremely pertinent to public perception and, in some cases, an election. This week, the latest politician…

Samantha Bee vs. Glenn Beck: What Does It Take For You To Come Around?

A face-to-face conversation between Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck. Think about that for a minute.

Beyond that, think of them putting aside their stark differences to come together to the same side.

Imagine these two people — a strong liberal and staunch conservative — coming together, joining forces, to confront a common enemy. Check it out here.

How does this happen? What has to happen for these usual staunch opponents to come together for a common cause? What does it take for one to stop pushing one’s message long enough to see the other side of an argument?

It took them a while to get to that point. There’s no guarantee that it will stay this way, but they found their way to this agreement.


What People Teach Us: Carrie Fisher — Learn From And Accept Lessons From Your Past

Carrie Fisher’s uncompromising, unrelenting and defiant attitude, which was the core of her role as Princess Leia, a role she took on at the age of 19 in the Star Wars films, was mirrored in the later years of her life before she died at age 60.

Even though there was plenty of heartbreak and turmoil in her life, there was so much more she gave to people through her attitude with regard to her own vulnerabilities and shortcomings.

She was born to celebrity parents but made a name for herself, finding success in her own right in the Start Wars movies and other subsequent projects including more movies, theater, and writing. Unfortunately, her life kept taking turns, leading her to experience, and later speak…

As Demonstrated In Brexit: How Do You Include A Former Opponent?

The Brexit Referendum has come and gone, and through it the people of the United Kingdom–England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland–decided to leave the European Union with the decision to leave winning by a relatively slim margin.  There are various reasons both sides of the argument supported their side and opposed the other when it came to the vote of whether or not to stay with the bloc of 28 member states in Europe that served, overall, as a “single market.” The status of the UK in the EU has many implications from a financial, economic, trade, and ethnographic, among other considerations.

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Soon after the vote, Prime Minister David Cameron, who campaigned for and supported…

The Example You Set Is Powerful, So “Be The Change You Want To See”

“Be the Change You Want to See in the World.” – Mahatma Gandhi

The first time I had heard (or seen) this saying was soon after I had graduated college when a friend had carved it into the dirt that caked my car. My friend had taken it upon herself, deep in the thoughts of recent experiences in the Peace Corps, to share some Ghandi insight with me…and my Chevy Beretta.

This simple quote is included as an item in The Self 60 – Professional Development Mind/Set for the powerful and perpetuating impact it can have in our daily lives.  It took a while for me to understand the impact that such a statement can truly make when put…

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