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Make Sure You Recognize How Your Hobbies Contribute To Who You Are

Leadership Lesson: Make sure you understand that the true value and benefit you gain from the hobbies you explore can cross from one area of your life into another, serving you on all fronts.

I recently came across this Harvard Business Review article which covered CEO’s and how much they devote to their hobbies, or what the article calls serious leisure. The article provides a few examples of CEO’s going off in their spare time, leaving their executive duties behind, and being full-fledged DJ’s, pilots, and marathon runners, among other hobbies.

Now, although the article is about CEO’s, and because leadership development doesn’t begin only when one attains a leadership title or rank,…

Time to Reassess: What Would You Change In Your Organization?

Help Wanted! 

Travis Kalanick and Uber have had a hell of a year, both inside and outside of his role of CEO of the company. But now that the founder is out as CEO, it’s time for the company to move onward and upward. 

There was just too much negative press in its recent history for the company to continue on with Kalanick at the helm. From alleged mistreatment of its drivers to allegations of a work environment hiding sexual harassment of women to Kalanick’s own drunken diatribe as a customer/passenger toward an Uber driver to executives leaving in droves as all the…

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