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The Power of Engagement: How Do You Draw Others Into Your Vision?

Leadership Lesson: Aside from the work for the mission and encouraging people to go after targeted benchmark goals and achievements, one should know how they can work toward guiding others to want to work toward that same goal.

What are you in it for? What do you want out of what you’re working toward, whether for yourself as an individual, or for your organization as one of its team leaders and/or players?

Whatever you’re involved in, supporting, or passionate about — how do you bring people around to work toward an end result as much as you do? How do you move people to see the vision you have, and to believe in it?

We may want the best for our organization by trying to get the work behind our…

Keep In Mind: You Have To Earn Your Official Leadership Position…Twice

Leadership Lesson: Earning respect in leadership is an ongoing exercise in which there is no room for complacency in one’s performance, no matter what position or level is achieved.

You need to keep earning your stripes.

Leadership doesn’t have to be designated or official to be effective, but in the cases where official positions are being discussed, leadership has to be earned twice – the first on the path to that official leadership assignment, and the second after the attainment of the new assignment.

That second bite at proving one’s leadership worth is a demonstration that the promotion into the higher position was well-earned and is respected and taken seriously by that leader.

Some people fall off the…

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