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Before We Can Find Balance With Others, We Need To Keep Ourselves In Check – Part 2

Leadership Lesson: With others and within ourselves, enhancing our awareness of and openness to a deeper understanding of extreme positions advances progress, so we’re using our time effectively and avoiding outright dismissal of one side or the other.

Continued from Part I

Tolerating Negativity vs. Eliminating It

Negativity should never be tolerated at all, but it’s included in this list of items to balance because (a) we can’t pretend it doesn’t exist, and (b) sometimes you can’t just simply end relationships that are toxic — some may be people we can’t walk away from, such as family. And so, then, we need balance.

So, the important thing is to make sure you’re doing…

What People Teach Us: Jocko Willink, Arguing For Your Point Yet Asking For Balance

Leadership Lesson: To be effective and credible, we should seek to balance what it is we support with conveying both that we understand its limitations, and that there are other considerations to be taken into account.

This piece by retired Navy Seal, management consulting firm founder, bestselling author, and burgeoning podcaster Jocko Willink is an article of defense. In what he writes, Willink stands firmly against an effort to disarm what he firmly believes in, that in which he’s worked in and for which he has probably — and proudly — stood his entire life and career

The source of his frustration is a recent report by the American Psychological Association called “Guidelines for…

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