Student Workshops

Leadership exists at any level and can be fostered at any age.

No one has to wait until later in life to assess, develop, and sharpen their own leadership ability.

Beginning today, through the CiO Leadership Workshop, students at both the high school and college level can begin considering and refining their leadership abilities. Building on their self-awareness, they can begin to look inward to determine what soft skills and abilities they have which will benefit them as they continue in their educational and knowledge development. Students benefit from building these skills up simultaneously with the hard skills they learn through their education and other training.

At the same time, through CiO facilitation of the student group, participants can become aware of and discover new skills they should explore which can benefit them in the interactions later in both their educational and professional careers.

Leadership is not only about experience and title, but is based also on the tools of self-awareness, reflection, and influence. These tools exist within all students and the CiO Leadership Workshop makes the students aware of those tools which are within their reach and at their disposal.

The CiO Leadership Workshop is but one example of the type of guidance needed to establish both the foundation and the steps for the students we educate today to be the great leaders we’ll need tomorrow.

The 5-Part CiO Leadership Workshop Includes:

  1. Presentation on the Bookends of Leadership
  2. Individual Assessment and Questionnaire
  3. Debrief on Assessment and Questionnaire
  4. Group Q&A Session
  5. Individual Consultation Session

Workshop Length: 2+ Hours

Follow-Up Services: As Necessary

The CiO Leadership Workshop can be customized to suit the specific needs of the client.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please contact CiO at [email protected].

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