Group Work

Group Presentations

In this service, the client can select the items for discussion so that the discussion (not just a lecture) is customized to what the client, team, or group, feels are the areas that need to be outlined, covered, and reinforced in the client environment.  The client can work with the coach in order to customize the target areas to be covered in the presentation.  Follow up is also provided to assure complete understanding of the topics and tenets covered in the discussion.

Group Presentation Length: 20+ mins

Group Size:5+

Group Facilitations

A step further beyond the Group Presentation service, the coach is immersed in the group atmosphere in two ways. In the first, the coach, who has worked with the client to determine the best agenda based on the client’s needs, leads a discussion itinerary and agenda, ensuring that all points of focus are covered.  A more informal setting than the Group Presentations, this model facilitates a discussion to work deeper, in the moment into the group members’ understanding of the topics covered as the agenda progresses.

In the second setting, the coach is present during an on-site working meeting, in the group’s working environment in order to provide insite and on-the-spot feedback as the group proceeds in the normal course of their work.  Based on the needs of the client, the coach can either provide immediate feedback to each situation and member as the meeting progresses or provide a one-on-one feedback session with each team member after the meeting has concluded to ensure that each member of the team understands the inner workings of the communication utilized by the group, the good and that which needs improvement.

Group Size: 8-12

Number of Sessions: Dependent on the client’s needs and the growth level desired

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