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This Coach It Out podcast aims to provide background on the Coach It Out blog posts.

A blog post can provide a lot of information. The thoughts in a blog post can be outlined in various ways – through tips, lists, concepts, and links to other resources, among other things.

But what isn’t captured in a blog post is the tone and the urgency of the message. You can try and convey it through writing, but hearing the tone along with additional information and real world examples not included in the post can help drive home the lessons and insights of the post. That’s what this particular podcast series will do for you.

Take a listen below.

Episode 21

Leaders & Followers – How Do You Treat The Workplace Script?

Episode 20

Do You Bring Someone Onto A Job Just To Let Them Down?

Episode 19

To Get To Your Goals, Your Biggest Disciplinarian Should Be You

Episode 18

Mentorships Are The Connections That Bring All The Pieces Together

Episode 17

What Do You Mean When You Say “It’s Too Much Work” To Reach What You Want?

Episode 16

What Kind Of Environment Does Your Leadership Leave In Its Wake?

Episode 15

Keep In Mind: You Have To Earn Your Official Leadership Position…Twice

Episode 14

In Your Development And Journey,
Have You Ever Thought About Why You Haven’t Quit?

Episode 13

During the Up’s and Down’s In Your Environment,
Keep Your Fire, Not Just Your Cool

Episode 12

In Your Journey,
How Do You Think About Fear And How It Holds You Back?

Episode 11

What’s In Your Collection?
General Leadership Lessons Can Transcend Across The Ages

Episode 10

Yes, Don’t Dwell On The Past.
But Do You Get What You Didn’t Get?

Episode 9

Regardless Of The Title Of Anyone You May Be Dealing With,
Respect the Person

Episode 8

For All Its Relevance And Benefits,
Does Emotional Intelligence Have A Dark Side?

Episode 7

Emotional Intelligence: This Is What It’s Like To Break The 4th Wall

Episode 6

Leadership: What Someone CAN Do Versus What They WANT To Do

Episode 5

The Strongest Aspect Of Leadership is Not About Them. It’s About You!

Episode 4

To Move Forward, Answer This:
Are You Taking The Proactive or Reactive Path In LIfe?

Episode 3

As a Leader, To Understand All Your Resources,
First Seek to Acknowledge and Understand

Episode 2

So, You Want To Be An Effective Leader.
How Are Your Conversational Skills?

Episode 1

The Ultimate Question At The Heart Of All Of Coach It Out’s Work:
What is Leadership?

Episode 0: Introduction to Coach It Out Quickshots

Here’s what the podcast series is all about.

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