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Coach It Out, LLC will be producing podcasts judi slot online to cover various topics and areas of leadership development. Take a listen to the introductory episodes below to learn about the podcast series and take part in the value of the discussion by reaching out to CiO with any comments, suggestions, questions, or recommendations. You can contact Coach It Out at

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This Coach It Out podcast aims to provide background on the Coach It Out blog posts.

A blog post can provide a lot of information. The thoughts in a blog post can be outlined in various ways – through tips, lists, concepts, and links to other resources, among other things.

But what isn’t captured in a blog post is the tone and the urgency of the message. You can try and convey it through writing, but hearing the tone along with additional information and real world examples not included in the post can help drive home the lessons and insights of the post.

That’s what this particular podcast series will do for you. Take a listen below.

Coach It Out & The Self 60

The Self 60 – Professional Development Mind/Set was first compiled as a guide for business school undergraduates to take into account before they entered the business world either through internships or full time jobs.

It serves as a cheat sheet for them to get a quick glance at all of the attributes and habits they should strive to carry with them when they enter the workforce, or any environment, for that matter, where applicable. As has been mentioned before, most times there’s a way to transfer lessons from leadership to your personal life and vice versa.

The Self 60 is a living document, so items are rotated in and out accordingly.

That’s what this particular podcast series will do for you. Take a listen below.

Coach It Out’s In The Books

In this series of podcasts, books will be covered that have helped clients, colleagues and acquaintances. Much in the same way there are official book clubs, recommendations and ideas are always coming up or being exchanged based on how they might contribute to development of any kind, whether it be leadership, professional, or personal.

What’s great is that even though Coach It Out’s main focus is leadership, so much goes into leadership that the books don’t necessarily need to be about leadership, specifically. There are so many underlying themes and components to leadership that ideas for great books may come up in conversations that might not have anything necessarily to do with the coaching business or leadership itself.

So the books to be covered in this series will come from across different genres including Leadership, Management, Organizational Development, Productivity, Self-Help, Success, etc.

Take a listen below.

Coach It Out with Everyday Leaders

Coach It Out With Everyday Leaders is a series of interviews that aims to get to the heart of leaders and their stories. Most of the time, there is always a great backstory to what makes a leader up and if they can share those backgrounds, it might help and benefit the rest of us.

Keep in mind, these lessons are not meant only for those who are official leaders; these are based in attributes we can all have and we can all refine in ourselves for personal and professional development. There are so many things that are transferable.

Take a listen below.

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