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COACH IT OUT, LLC – The name says it all:  Coach It Out.  Similar to “Talking It Out” or “Hashing It Out,” Coaching It Out means the process is a two way discussion, continuing on and on until a resolution and answers to the questions in the Coachee’s mind and approach are found.

Coaching is not a one-sided exercise or process. It is not merely a Coachee (client) getting all the answers in one fell swoop from their Coach. The practice is not meant to provide any direct or explicit outright answers.

The Coaching dynamic is symbiotic, and the energy and benefit goes both ways. Both sides gain and improve from the relationship. The Coachee has to bring just as much to the session as the Coach does. Only with the full commitment of both parties can the partnership reach an agreement to build the best experience possible to proceed.

And then you Coach It Out. It’s about talking through the landscape of the issue at hand and discussion options in an open, honest, and frank fashion. No two situations will warrant the exact same solution or approach. Every Coach, Coachee, and session is unique—as unique as the Coach’s and Coachee’s experiences.

Furthermore, the experience of Coaching It Out not only takes place in the coaching sessions but it continues, subsequently, as the Coachee Coaches It Out on their own, whether through self-coaching, utilizing the tools developed in concert with their Coach, or in using the method and approach to work with someone else for which the aforementioned Coachee now becomes the Coach.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please contact CiO at [email protected].

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