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Interviews & Collaborations

Partnerships and community are what it’s all about. Sharing our message with others allows us to refine what we’re all about through what we know and provide. Whether sharing my ideas or sharing ideas with a collective of colleagues, what is provided is nothing short of extreme value.

I’ve learned so much from my community, network, and partners — some of whom I haven’t even met in person (e.g. #connecticutcomeback partners below). I’m always looking to learn from others. My curiosity just doesn’t let me stop!

Interviews & Collaborations

Leadership Coaching:
What It Means To Me And What It Can Do For People

On Connecting Point, with Veronica Garcia, I was able to provide some insight into the Leadership Coaching field and my experience in it. The biggest takeaway is that I find it unfortunate when people aren’t taking advantage of — or called to tap into — their best abilities and potential. I also explain my personal story and what it is that drove me to help others through my coaching.

In Our Eyes:
…A Community Of Allies & Accomplices

Tackling and defeating racism isn’t easy nor is it cookie-cutter, because we’re all so complex and different in our own views and stories. But Mimi Gonzalez, MSOP and I want to be part of the work to tackle racism. We’ve launched a video series to capture real conversations on race from both within our community and beyond.

Through our series, In Our Eyes…: A Community of Allies and Accomplices, we want to hear people’s stories, those from different backgrounds and experiences. And we can’t really do our part without the help of the community around us, so we hope you’ll join us in this ongoing conversation. Please find the introductory episode in the article below.

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CT Creative Collaborative

Through the CT Creative Collaborative video series, Maryann Cruz and I aim to interview “creatives” both in our networks and beyond. Through the interviews, we hope to share what we can learn from our guests and how their stories can inspire us all. 

For our purposes, the word “creative” goes beyond the traditional embodiment of the artist, the writer, the advertiser, the photographer, or the graphic designer. “Creatives” can be found in any field and industry if you’re…creative…enough about the way you view the work. So, we’ll also be inviting entrepreneurs, coaches, educators, students, as well as community, government, and non-profit leaders, among so many more, to sit down with us for that virtual conversation.

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Career Webinar

The tools we can use to expand our work and general life — for fulfillment and proficiency purposes — that are at our disposal are external as well as internal. We can always seek out communities to make us better, growing and developing through the experiences, knowledge, and information we share with each other. In this webinar, a few colleagues in my network and I got together to share tips and insights for those seeking their next career and job while exploring in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Igetis Leadership Podcast

In the episode below of her Igetis Leadership Podcast (on Spotify here), I spoke with Triphina Wilson, a leadership & Management Coach in the United Kingdom. Although we cover general leadership ideas and principles, much of the conversation is geared toward and customized for the new reality of the virtual and remote workplace experiences resulting from the COVID-19 global pandemic. Virtual leadership is now the name of the game in most companies. Take a listen.

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The Full Potential Podcast

In this episode of Nick Wagner, Sr.’s The Full Potential Podcast I go into what it is that drove me toward my calling of being a leadership coach. It’s a good dive into my past and upbringing, the sources of who I am and what I can provide and share with both clients and those in my life.

The Power of Observation

We need to be proactive about how we tackle our world, our life, and our work. Too often, people are not really paying attention to what’s going on around them. We live on cruise control and with blinders on, without proactively being cognizant of how things are playing out around us. In this Mindalia TV interview with Dan Blanchard, I apply this mindset to leadership coaching and how to go about becoming aware of what we see and what we can control.

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