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Like most business endeavors, I founded Coach It Out with the purpose and mission of offering and building value for its customers and clients. It’s an unwavering, focused, and driven extension of my work ethic — working and expanding forward by building and improving upon experience.

My career in organizational and leadership development has traversed client relationships, strategic planning, and budget and operational analysis, allowing me to provide consultation to both those I’ve worked with and for. This vast exposure instilled in me a well-rounded view of the workplace environment, including its processes and the human element.

Having worked in both public and private industries; covered both white- and blue-collar environments; and worked face-to-face with owners, senior leadership and executives, and front line workers of businesses and agencies, I understand the need for personal fulfillment, integrity, motivation, and investment. These experiences helped establish the foundation of all the analyses and consultations Coach It Out provides to encourage organizational and individual development, evolution, and excellence. Value is added at every step.

With no infusion of value there is no success in any project, initiative, program, or plan.

In all of the company’s work, the mission has ALWAYS been to provide the individuals, entities, employee groups a path to, and full realization and awareness of, the full potential they have in their human capital — their greatest resource.

Coach It Out empowers its clients to realize their own set of tools and self-awareness to navigate their workplaces effectively and efficiently. Specifically, one-on-one coaching and group work services allow for an honest, safe, and productive conversation that builds to the client’s or group’s self-realization. It never solely provides the answers, but similar to mediation, asks the right questions, providing the client guidance so they execute that mindset in their day-to-day endeavors outside of the coaching partnership and sessions. The potential for greater evolution and improvement exists at every level, and in all of us.

The expectation is for all clients to realize and put into play their greatest assets, skills, and abilities — those they were aware of and those of which they were not.

Leadership does not begin when someone is entrusted with a leadership title, and that’s why my work begins at the student level — working to help students at the high school and college level hone, build, and refine their leadership — and continuing into the workplace.  

The work I provide in one environment benefits the others by helping both the younger generation transition to their next chapter while helping the workplace generations understand, grow, and improve their environments and themselves.

Should you either need any of the services Coach It Out provides or have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,

John M. Jaramillo

Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Organizational Psychology

Leadership Coaching:
What It Means To Me And What It Can Do For People

On Connecting Point, with Veronica Garcia, I was able to provide some insight into the Leadership Coaching field and my experience in it. The biggest takeaway is that I find it unfortunate when people aren’t taking advantage of — or called to tap into — their best abilities and potential. I also explain my personal story and what it is that drove me to help others through my coaching.

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