The Coach It Out Blog contains posts across various fields of discussion.  You’ll see each post can have a designation based on the type of post it is.  Posts can be categorized as Article, CiO Brief, In The Middle, among others.

Below is an explanation of each of the categories.

Article – Provides a longer form breakdown of topics for consideration and conversation.

General Leadership – Speaks to the tenets and discipline of leadership overall.

To The Bosses – These posts speak directly to those in charge by title.  It seeks to outline points of attention in their teams and organizations to consider in order to move their mission, group, and cause forward in the most efficient, aware, and productive fashion.

To The Graduates – These posts speak directly to those who have recently graduated from an institution of education.  The lessons can also be reviewed and considered by those further along in their professional careers.

To The Students – These posts speak directly to the student population of any educational level so that they begin to learn facets of leadership and consider the steps to take in their development. It is for the students to understand that they don’t need wait to develop and sharpen their own leadership strengths.

In The Middle – These posts describe topics where there are two view points covered and ask the reader to look at each side to determine how each side views the issue at hand. The underlying lesson here is that we should always consider where the other side of the conversation, debate, or argument is coming from.

CiO Briefs– Covers a brief post on a contemporary topic that is relevant to leadership or any number of the areas of development CiO covers.

In order to find articles that speak about a theme, check out the tag cloud under the CiO’s Talking About… box at the bottom of any page on the CiO website.

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