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COVID-19: 10 New Behaviors, Thoughts, And Considerations To Take Away From A Pandemic

Leadership Lesson: Make sure to take away the lessons from adverse impacts and events — even pandemics — especially when it comes to redirecting your development and growth for the better, both for yourself and others.

COVID-19 is still here — and it is not letting up.

As of this post, this is where we stand. Just when we think we’ve become accustomed to a new way of life and that we understand the severity of the situation, the numbers of confirmed cases surge, tripling every few days.

Part of that new norm, aside from those afflicted and their families, is for us to stay home, maintaining limited outings and…

Lessons In Loneliness: Look Beyond The Initial Feeling To Learn, Build, And Move Beyond

Leadership Lessons: As with “failure,” a freedom exists in the lessons of loneliness that can remind us to take care of and focus on ourselves first in order to move forward toward fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness.

The theme and feeling of loneliness came up several times for me this week.

Luckily, it wasn’t my

Instead, it started when I published the blog post When It Comes To What You Want, What Does It Cost To Be Who You Really Are? In it I mentioned that the loneliness of an entrepreneur I had recently met was somewhat of the inspiration for writing the post.

A few days later, I read an article on entitled

When It Comes To What You Want, What Does It Cost To Be Who You Really Are?

Leadership Lesson: On the path of development, goals, and hopes, there may be moments when we’ll have to travel alone to achieve what it is we want and decide how much we can pursue alone.

Recently, in a networking group, I was talking to an entrepreneur, exchanging stories and experiences about our paths building our businesses. In sharing the up’s and down’s of the typical entrepreneurial journey, they mentioned the loneliness they sometimes felt because of the disconnection from their friendship circles that resulted from their need to concentrate and focus on their business.

That’s an understandable dilemma — seeking to build something for yourself at the risk of losing those everyday social moments, experiences, or, in the case of some, relationships with…

#SessionConfessions: What Makes You Feel Different Keeps You Aware And Sets You Apart!

Leadership Lesson: Our differences – even the ones we believe set us apart in an adverse way – can be harnessed into great self-awareness about where we stand and how we can get better moving forward. 

We’re all so different. And most of us know it, feel it, and sense it. 

But do we appreciate it? Do we understand its value? Have we harnessed its uniqueness? Do we realize differences are pieces of us that set us apart – and that that can be the game-changer? 

This Inc. magazine article talks about those differences, how different we all are, and, most importantly, who (surprisingly) might feel that way – in the article it’s people we admire as those at the top of their game. Look at some…

#SessionConfessions: How Much Are You Your Own Worst Enemy, Self-Deceiving Yourself?

Leadership Lesson: In coaching sessions, it becomes apparent that no one should seek out new tools, resources, and ideas for their leadership development without first considering what is currently within their control but which they’re not…controlling.

You’re a very sneaky person — and you don’t even know it.

Typically, when things aren’t working out for us, for the most part, we look to the outside, to the external forces that could be holding us back. But really, there’s nothing out there that can hold you back and undermine you as powerfully as you can yourself.

Yes, you’re sneaky…with yourself!

And like I said, most times, you don’t even realize how much it (or you) works against you.

So, before planning for and tackling those external forces…

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