To The Future Leaders: Do Not Wait For Life To Come To You

Leadership Lesson: Most of what we are capable of in this world, whether in our lives or careers, can only take place if we are proactive in pursuing it, refusing to wait for the right circumstances and luck to present themselves.

In this previous post, I introduced this current series which covers a top-ten list of ideas I had provided to students at Quest 2017, a one-day summit hosted at Southern Connecticut State University by Connecticut’s Chapter of Prospanica, in partnership with its community and corporate partners. The annual event is filled with motivational presentations, speakers, and workshops providing students with tools for the next chapter in their lives.

The list is made up of tips students should consider as they continue on in their life, work, and careers and is made up of some of the top items on The Self 60.

While the items on The Self 60 tend to be more specific, these items allow for the lesson to be broadened and more encompassing.

In each post I provide general information about the item and a breakdown of what it is, why it’s important, where to get it, and why the item made this top-ten list.

In this post, the final item I’ll be breaking down is…

Do Not Wait For Life To Come To You

General Info / What it is…

Oftentimes, the work a client needs to carry out and the steps they need to take have to do with moving, with getting going, getting active, and pushing forward. The overall process has to do with them realizing they, or factors in their environment, are stunting their growth and stagnating their development through restrictions on that growth as well as their curiosity, opportunity, and learning.

The only way to combat that is to move.

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Recognize Your Drivers and Motivators

Some people may stay still where they are, staying safe in the known, believing something will happen because they’ve been a good person and deserve the best to move them toward success. They believe all the pieces will fall into place.

That’s luck, though. Sometimes, luck doesn’t come to us. Sometimes, we need to make our own luck.

Why it’s important…

Through taking it to life and not waiting for life to come to us, we tap into what we are capable of by acting on ideas, our environment, and our challenges. That’s when you can run a diagnostic on and monitor your power, doing as much as you can and leaving nothing on the table.

It’s the same in leadership as it is in careers and personal lives, in general: merely reacting will get you nothing. The stagnation of staying still will cripple us. Our muscles of energy, skills, thinking, and offensive drive will atrophy.

This is how you truly determine what you’re made of. You shouldn’t live life or your career solely with the resources and factors in your environment. You need to step out of what you know. Reconcile to where you’re supposed to be. This means if you have more energy than your environment permits you to utilize, step out of it and seek to find those challenges which will meet your need. (Yes, believe it or not, most of us, to one extent or another, need to be challenged to truly achieve our best.)

Where to get it…

First, consider what you have and where you personally stand. Then consider what you really want deep down inside. Are you where you want to be, or is there more room to grow, travel, and improve?

If you’ve recognized that you have further to go to get to where you want to be, it’s time to study up. Study the possibilities, resources, and people within your environment and beyond. What are the tools you can use for yourself that you have instant access to? What are the tools you can get to by simply seeking them out?

Curious learning and honest self-awareness are key here.

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Why it’s a Top 10 off The Self 60…

This is what sets people apart. Some people will take action to help determine their own fate,  while others stay cozy in their lives, not willing, or unsure of how, to move forward.

This is a great foundation for all the other items on The Self 60.  The other items are steps to take to stand out. Combining them will provide a great toolbox to guide us in our demeanor, through our actions, and for our results.

So by not waiting for life to come to you and not being reactive, you can then utilize the rest of the items on The Self 60, and many other items not listed in it, to move forward and be your best, proactive self.

Don’t wait to see what will happen in your life, in your career, and in your work. Take part in it, even if it’s smaller steps at first, stepping outside of your comfort zone little-by-little.

As you get more comfortable, each greater step of exploration and curiosity will yield larger returns.

The actions you take today dictate the results – and your rewards – for tomorrow. Remember that! You have choices about how to move through life and work. What are you choosing? Who are you choosing as partners? What are you striving for?

Determine what type of person you are – the person who will only take what is given to them, or the person who wants to make the most out of their life, regardless of what someone puts on their plate.

Which items, or what advice, would you add to The Self 60? Which would you remove?

Look through this list for your own needs and development, and share it with others for theirs.

The items may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how often people forget to live these items.

The Self 60 is meant to sharpen us and what we do.

Thank you for following this breakdown of items over this series.

Good luck, and enjoy your challenges!

The Top Ten (in no particular order)

  1. Find your Driver(s) & Motivation(s)
  2. All Your Experiences Structure Your Path Forward
  3. Get An Accountability Partner
  4. Position Yourself For Your Success
  5. Your Worth & Value – Know It / Build It / Provide It / Live It
  6. Face Your Weaknesses & Fears
  7. Always Keep Learning
  8. Develop Your Awareness – Of Self & Others
  9. Be Part Of & Contribute To Your Community
  10. Do Not Wait For Life To Come To You

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