To The Future Leaders: Know Your Value, Or No One Else Will

Leadership Lesson: You need to know and understand what your value is, as best as possible, before anyone else can recognize it, tap into it, or benefit from it.

In this previous post, I introduced this current series which covers a top-ten list of ideas I had provided to students at Quest 2017, a one-day summit hosted at Southern Connecticut State University by Connecticut’s Chapter of Prospanica, in partnership with its community and corporate partners. The annual event is filled with motivational presentations, speakers, and workshops providing students with tools for the next chapter in their lives.

The list is made up of tips students should consider as they continue on in their life, work, and careers and is made up of some of the top items on The Self 60.

While the items on The Self 60 tend to be more specific, these items allow for the lesson to be broadened and more encompassing.

In each post I provide general information about the item and a breakdown of what it is, why it’s important, where to get it, and why the item made this top-ten list.

In this post, the item I’ll be breaking down is…

Your Worth & Value – Know It / Build It / Provide It / Live It

General Info / What it is…

This item is about recognizing how good you are, what value you hold, and what you can contribute. It demonstrates that you’re aware of who you are. And by knowing who you are, you can coordinate your resources, knowledge, and ability to improve the environment around you.

It is also what your world — whether personal or professional — expects of you. That’s essentially what relationships are — getting value from wherever you are or exchanging it with whomever you find yourself interacting.

And although your value should always continue evolving, you should know where it stands and what it looks like today so that you don’t lose or forfeit any of your best skills, attributes, or opportunities to build into tomorrow.

What do you bring to the table and what will you leave in your wake?

If you don’t know your value, no one else will either.

Why it’s important…

By knowing your value, you can harness it, refine it, and get it out of yourself and into your environment.

By building it, you can get better, incrementally benefiting both your current environment and yourself.

By providing it, it reflects how valuable you are. Your environment benefits as a result.

By living it, it is not put on the back burner and forgotten but stands instead at the forefront of who you are. There is no hazy disconnect between what people see and what you’re truly capable of contributing. You’ve brought your true value to them.

The item lets others know that you’re in tune with everything within you.

Where to get it…

This has to be you. This is internal. It exists within you. You just need to recognize it.

But, sometimes, you can’t — or won’t — see the credit you should give yourself in how valuable you are. Its recognition is the key to its full realization.

It’s possible you may need someone else to point out the value in you. So, although you may tap into it from within, you can also find it and refine it with the help of others.

You can also empower your value in the course of your knowledge-building, education, relationships, and partnerships. There’s always room to improve.

Why it’s a Top 10 off The Self 60…

It’s important that you show others how good you are, whether it’s in your work or personal life. It’s the basis for who you are. It is what sets you apart.

Most items on The Self 60 can’t happen effectively if we don’t know what our value is. Our value is what shapes everything else we deliver on the list. It sharpens our focus on each item, because we know what we can do and what we can deliver.

Ultimately, it falls on you to demonstrate what you’re made of. Others can assist but in the end you alone are responsible for the effort to seek and uncover your value. You own it. It’s on you. It IS you.

It’s on each of us to show others what we’re made of. If we show them and they don’t see it, that’s one thing, but it’s on us to take the proactive steps and make sure we’re doing everything in our power to show others what we can do and what we can provide. We need to put that value in front of them, where they can see it.

It’s critical to have our value recognized. If we’ve become self-aware and are realistic and honest about our value, we then need to be in the right environment, surrounded by people who can recognize it and help us refine it.

Are you ready to demonstrate who you are and what you bring? Are you ready to show them your value?

What will you demonstrate? What will you bring forth? What will you create?

You don’t have to be perfect.

Your value today, alone, may not make you unstoppable, but the habit of continuing to build and reinforce it will.

The Top Ten (in no particular order)

  1. Find your Driver(s) & Motivation(s)
  2. All Your Experiences Structure Your Path Forward
  3. Get An Accountability Partner
  4. Position Yourself For Your Success
  5. Your Worth & Value – Know It / Build It / Provide It / Live It
  6. Face Your Weaknesses & Fears
  7. Always Keep Learning
  8. Develop Your Awareness – Of Self & Others
  9. Be Part Of & Contribute To Your Community
  10. Do Not Wait For Life To Come To You

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