To The Future Leaders: Make Sure You Recognize Your Drivers and Motivators

Leadership Lesson: Recognizing, knowing, and keeping in mind why you’re doing something keeps you fueled and fired up in the fight and work for it.

In this previous post, I introduced this current series which covers a top-ten list of ideas I had provided to students at Quest 2017, a one-day summit hosted at Southern Connecticut State University by Connecticut’s Chapter of Prospanica, in partnership with its community and corporate partners. The annual event is filled with motivational presentations, speakers, and workshops providing students with tools for the next chapter in their lives.

The list is made up of tips students should consider as they continue on in their life, work, and careers and is made up of some of the top items on The Self 60.

While the items on The Self 60 tend to be more targeted, calling for specific everyday actions and considerations, these items are principles more foundational and general in nature, which pave the way for the rest of the items on the list to be practiced.

In each post, I provide general information about the item and a breakdown of what it is, why it’s important, where to get it, and why the item made this top-ten list.

In this post, the item I’ll be breaking down is…

Find your Driver(s) and Motivation(s)

General Info / What it is…?

What is it that is going to push you forward? What is it that is going to make you work harder than the next person? What is your goal? What are you working toward? What is your desired end result?

Those are your drivers. Those are your motivations.

Also, what do you want for yourself?

Yes, you can be a little selfish. The reasons for that are simple. First, realistically, you can’t be everything to everyone. Second, you can’t be the best for anyone at all if you’re not in tune with what it is you want for yourself, within reason. This means things that are going to help you grow, and does not refer to things you can get at any cost to others in a no-holds-barred fashion.

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Too many people coast from one thing, situation, project, job, or responsibility to the next without taking into account where that path is leading. They’re thinking one step ahead in front of them, instead of anticipating multiple turns further down their path.

What motivates and drives each of us is as different from one to the next person as much as are our looks, personality, demeanor, or any other factor.

Why it’s important…

Understanding what “it”is – what drives and motivates you — determines how hard you’re going to work, how far you’re going to get, and how steady you will stand for what you believe in.

It factors into your resilience, your perseverance and grit.

It serves as an anchor of self-awareness, allowing you to keep steady in your personal goals and broader mission.

It also sharpens your focus and fuels your fire to drive yourself forward.

In knowing ”it,” you’re being proactive and not just reacting to what the world, life, and/or work are handing you.

Where to get it…

You may know what you find important. You may know how to cover all those bases outlined above, but there are other places to look to make sure you’re refining and focusing that drive and motivation. Consider these questions:

What has driven others in your family?

What has driven your heroes?

What has driven those who have made an impact you’ve admired?

What motivates your colleagues?

These are all sources to speculate upon, not merely emulate.

Why it’s a Top 10 off The Self 60…

For you to build forward into your future, you need to know who you are and what makes you tick. You can’t harness your energy efficiently, and as effectively as possible, without knowing what makes you tick.

Before utilizing most of the items on The Self 60, there needs to be this self-assessment. Drivers and motivators do just that. They drive and motivate all the other items on the Self 60.

Leadership is perceived as only being an external exercise – the impact you make on others – but it actually starts with knowing who you are and what you want.

None of the other tips on The Self 60 can get you anywhere without understanding what drives and motivates you. It’s that energy that people will see and admire, and which they are influenced and impacted by.

Motivation and drive are a matter of assessing and reassessing what you want, what you’re doing to achieve it, and monitoring how well it’s working.

Sometimes, because we’re on cruise control, we’re working in our work and living in our lives, without taking the opportunity to view how things are going from the outside and determine how things are going and how to adjust them to work for us.

We need to work on it, not just in it. That’s the important part. It’s accounting for your effort, energy, focus, and successes. It contributes to your attack and a strategy for success.

Like anything else, picking the right fuel is going to maximize performance, unleash potential, and expand the boundaries of ability.

Motivation and drive are fuel.

What’s your fuel?

The Top Ten (in no particular order)

  1. Find your Driver(s) & Motivation(s)
  2. All Your Experiences Structure Your Path Forward
  3. Get An Accountability Partner
  4. Position Yourself For Your Success
  5. Your Worth & Value – Know It / Build It / Provide It / Live It
  6. Face Your Weaknesses & Fears
  7. Always Keep Learning
  8. Develop Your Awareness – Of Self & Others
  9. Be Part Of & Contribute To Your Community
  10. Do Not Wait For Life To Come To You

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