What Do You Mean When You Say “It’s Too Much Work” To Reach What You Want?

Leadership Lesson: We need to be honest with ourselves when it comes to truly understanding what goes into achieving the things we desire.

We’re each a work-in-progress. That’s been mentioned here before, and it’s an honest assessment we should begin with as we develop ourselves forward. All of us are evolving toward our own goals and definitions of success.

Only some of us will work toward or achieve those goals and successes, while others watch from the sidelines, not knowing they can get into the game whenever they choose to.

Those who do go on to achieve their goals and successes have a mix of great support, perfect timing, and maybe even a little bit of luck. But much of the time, those who achieve their goals, or are even making solid progress toward that goal, may be working a little harder than the rest of us.

Some live their life as if modeled by the Pablo Picasso quote, “Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not?”

Some people just have the attitude of this quote ingrained in their mindset. They may see the world as it is but are not limited by it. Some accept what the world has given them, while others take what they are given, reframe it, retool it, or put it aside and try to blaze their own trail.


Too often, we hear people say they want something for themselves – a goal, an achievement, etc. — and when the simple question is asked, Well, why don’t you go for it? they retreat, stating that It’s just too much work.

End game.

We could understand if they did their due diligence, looked at all their resources and connections in their networks, studied the issue, and were honest enough with themselves to determine it would truly be a hardship, but, oftentimes, that’s not the case.

Oftentimes, people talk themselves out of something without going into the detail of what it truly entails. Yes, there would be tedious steps. Yes, it would take up some additional time on top of what they currently have going on. And, of course, there would be some sacrifice mixed in.

But if you haven’t weighed the options and carried out that due diligence, you’re shorting yourself.

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Some people may use defeat as their reasoning for not pursuing what they want, but defeat means there’s another force at play while in this situation they are forcing themselves to throw up their hands and walk away rather than trying and not succeeding. There’s a big difference between putting in the effort and just determining, without trying, that it’ll take too much effort.

So, for yourself, when you might say something will be too hard, think about whether or not you’ve considered what really goes into the effort. ::Insert obligatory mentions of “stretching” and “leaving your comfort zone” here::

You can’t be tough on yourself if you didn’t at least try to push forward in the effort. Inspiration doesn’t necessarily mean perspiration. Inspiration is stage one, but what is your motivation for really getting going.

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If you truly do want to proceed, how do you go about doing it? What plan do you set in motion? What steps do you take? Consider these questions:

What Do You Know About What You Want?

It’s important to lay out where you’re going. It’s important to know, as much and as reasonably as possible, what the goal will actually feel like. You have to reconcile your desire now with what your satisfaction might actually look like if you achieve the goal. You can only do this so much from your current standpoint, but it’s important to ponder what you will actually get from your goal.

A few questions to answer:

  • Why do I want it?
  • What does it get me?
  • How realistic do I believe my satisfaction will be?

What Steps Do You Take To Get There?

You know where you want to go. You know where you stand. What makes up the difference? Knowledge? Connections? Education? Experience? Knowing the moving parts to get there allows you to then compare the resources you have at your disposal and those you’ll need to secure to get to that goal.

A few questions to answer:

  • How do I attain the knowledge, education, connections, experience to get to my goal?
  • How do I begin doing that?
  • Is it realistic to gain those resources in a timely manner?


Who Can You Count On For Informational Guidance?

It’s important to find someone who can provide a breakdown of how it is you need to reach that goal, whether from their own path and experience to achieve that goal or their deeper knowledge of the industry or area. Meeting with someone who has this kind of knowledge, someone who can possibly serve as a mentor, pays dividends as they can steer you both in the direction you need to go and away from that which you should avoid.

A few questions to answer:

  • Who do I know who has this knowledge or can steer me in the right direction toward my goal or achievement?
  • Who can I find who will be knowledgeable enough to help me reconcile where I currently stand to where I want to go?
  • Am I ready to listen and process what they have to say and how it may apply to me, whether it’s what I want to hear or not?

Who Can You Count On For Motivational Guidance?

Aside from finding someone who can pass on their knowledge, it’s important to find an accountability partner who is going to help keep you on track to meet your goal. In some cases, the person providing the motivational guidance can be the same person providing the informational guidance. It never hurts, though, to have more than one set of eyes monitoring your work – the informational guide knows what they’re providing you and what you want while the motivational guide knows what you want and will keep you motivated.

A few questions to answer:

  • Who can I turn to who is really going to light the fire under me?
  • Who has my best interests in mind to do so?
  • Who will be completely honest with me?

Don’t fool yourself on how bad you want something. Be honest with yourself about what you want.

Are you ready for the path and transformation which the journey to your goal entails?

Are your ready to roll up your sleeves, use some elbow grease, and get your hands dirty?

That may be what it takes so always be honest with yourself, then calculate your steps and take them.

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