What People Teach Us: Trump — When You Assume Leadership, Who Do You Rally For?

Leadership development and attainment is a powerful process. It is a never-ending effort and can go as long and as far as someone is willing to continue learning and developing themselves.

If we choose to ascend to higher levels of leadership, we need to recognize that the work does not end there. We need to do everything we can to move our mission and cause forward as effectively as possible, because regardless of what our individual goals might be, it is imperative that we focus the total group’s efforts forward.

If we actually attain that level of leadership, our basic responsibility is four-fold. First, we need to lead our group — all of the constituents of the group — as best as possible. Second, we need to continue learning and evolving. Third, we need to maintain humility. And fourth, we need to set the example for others. The first three steps set the stage for the fourth. The example outlined in the fourth step demonstrates to others what it truly takes to move all the factions of a group forward, together.

Make no mistake — different people might have different ideas of what the leadership strategy and actions should look like. Some won’t agree with you as the leader as much as others. But while addressing those who trusted you enough to vault you into that leadership role, once you become the leader, how do you balance thanking those who supported you with those who did not agree with you?`

Addressing all the constituents who have a say in your leadership — both those who supported you as well as those who didn’t — is in your best interest and that of the others who supported you.

Continuing with a fragmented base does nothing for the overall cause. A divided group achieves much less than a cohesive and cooperative effort.

The methods you might choose to execute your leadership might be different than your detractors might desire but your goal should be to make the environment the best possible for all who need to work, live, and exist within the environment of which you are now in charge.

What you can’t do is only play to those who supported you. Playing up to and thanking only one side will do nothing for your cause except build up resentment today and limit group cooperation tomorrow.

So, how do you bring together a fractured group which you now lead?

You must demonstrate that you will be a leader for everyone.

This is but another lesson Donald Trump should’ve learned.

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