What People Teach Us: Trump – Disturbing The Environment Taken On As A New Leader

Politics aside: How do you maintain a culture after you arrive?

You might have strong opinions from a distance about a certain job that is being carried out or not, but if you’re fortunate enough to get into that position, how long do you spend actually studying the situation to determine how it should be addressed?

Watching from a distance is not the same as sitting in the driver seat, making the decisions, and dealing with any subsequent implications and consequences.

Do you take the time to learn the pro’s and con’s of certain actions you would like to take impulsively? Can you stop yourself, review the facts, and change your mind if need be?

Case-in-point: The manner in which President-Elect Trump is impacting U.S. relations with China. He is questioning policies that the U.S. has had in place for decades — the One-China policy — to ensure stability with the Chinese government over the matter of how Taiwan is addressed and acknowledged in foreign affairs. China is taking notice and not happy.

So when it comes to you, although you might have an opponent and policy to work against to achieve your own level of leadership, once you get into that position can you put the position of sole opposition you held aside long enough to truly understand the implications of your actions?

You can and should never just strictly undo the policies and decisions of your predecessor for competition’s sake.

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