Trump Is A Great Teacher: How Does Your Authenticity Measure Up?

OK. Maybe not a teacher, as teachers usually teach lessons that we need and should learn. But he does teach us…to be aware. He doesn’t do it through the example he sets of his own self-awareness but by the ability of awareness that he lacks.

By watching him we learn that AWARENESS IS EVERYTHING.

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His lessons to the rest of us may not be intentional with the goal of teaching in mind, and they might be so obvious that one might ask “What does this teach me about the real world if Trump’s actions are so obvious?” but there is much to be gleaned from his actions (and inactions).

“…people are always aware of you.  Not that they see you, but that they can read you and see more than what’s on the surface.”

In this particular latest Trump lesson, he is now contrite Trump.  After going on tirades and diatribes for over a year now about all his detractors and what he disagrees with, he is now apologetic in what his approach has been and the words he has used.

But there’s a problem in that. The remorse — if you can call it that — didn’t come when he was seemingly in control of his image. Instead, this change in attitude came at a time when his campaign was marred in upheaval and controversy and his back was against the wall. In the end, after having spent time saying his campaign was the “strongest it’s ever been,” Trump did end up shaking up his campaign team, having lost his second campaign manager to yet another controversy in such a public arena. Now that his campaign is at its most vulnerable, that’s when he starts saying he’s sorry?

The fact that his public relations stock was probably at its lowest takes credibility away from most everything he might say, including this particular apology. This newfound humility would have carried more weight had it been executed at a time where his campaign was cohesive and his image at its strongest, not in a moment of weakness when some might view it as a move of desperation.

So toward the tail end of this period of drama, when he’s hired a new campaign manager and CEO for his campaign, he has now shaped into this contrite Trump. Many question if this new image will last and wonder how long it will take him to get back to his Trumpian ways.

“You have to determine how authentic it is that you are being.  Do your words match or relate closely to your heart and actions.”

In any case, enough about him; let’s get to the lesson here.

Again, it’s an obvious one — people are always aware of you.  Not that they merely see or notice you, but that they can read you and see more than what’s on the surface. Even if they don’t interact with you or if their interaction is limited, they are aware of what you are and how you carry yourself. And although some are better at reading people than others, those you’re surrounded by, overall, can read you to some degree.

You have to determine how authentic it is that you are both being in actuality and being perceived.  Do your words match or relate closely to your heart and actions? You can’t say something that you know in your heart you don’t believe. You set your own stage – you and, for the most part, you alone.

It’s important to have that self-awareness and reconciliation between words and actions because people can sense the shaky shifting in message. They can sense the dissolution of integrity. They can pinpoint pandering.

In Trump’s case, his digressions were just so many, that went on for so long, that his act of contrition on his stage just didn’t seem to follow from his actions in the weeks and months leading up to his “apology.” It doesn’t seem to follow — and therefore, doesn’t seem genuine — because he was hard-charging so fast in one direction that it seemed illogical for him to turn around and apologize.

There was no lead up. He didn’t let up on the gas. He just seemingly, instantaneously, pivoted.

“People can sense when you’re either someone else’s puppet or a puppet to the ideas you believe they want you to be tied to.”

The only expanding and growing campaign was that of the media picking up on the growing unease and destabilization of his political campaign. He brought a new campaign manager to help him get his campaign on track and instantly he becomes contrite? His campaign might have felt it was a smart and undetectable move (for some reason), but his situation is even more complex and scrutinized than ours as our stage is local and his is global.

People know when the image you present does not reconcile to the values and beliefs in your heart.

This isn’t to say that someone can’t walk back their actions or go back on their message, but the reasoning has to be there. There has to be a true heartfelt understanding of the issues and a true change of heart. And it takes more than a day in shifting positions to repair over a year’s worth of attitude.

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Much in the same way puppets have unnatural and uneven movements, people can sense that in each other.

People can sense when you’re either someone else’s puppet or a puppet to the ideas to which you believe they want you to be tied.

So…What About You?

  • How have you assessed how your words reconcile to your actions?
  • What steps did you take in order to reinforce your true authenticity?
  • How do you keep yourself and others authenticity accountable?

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