What People Teach Us: Mark Cuban On The Donald

This week, billionaire Mark Cuban formally endorsed Hillary Clinton after initially supporting Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump earlier in Trump’s campaign run.

Cuban not only endorsed Clinton, but had some strong words with regard to Trump’s leadership ability in the process.

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How many people might be sticking with Trump in order to maintain appearances and not rock the boat in their tribe?

How many people, like Cuban, might adjust their view and provide support based on the work that is expected of a leader?

Showmanship can only take a leader so far.

A leader can’t only be loud, but steady. A leader must not only be passionate, but measured.

Being loud and passionate to some certain extent might get the most attention at first, but the race is long and steady with results being both necessary and expected at the end.

In leadership, decisions can’t be made based on appealing to, and utilizing, emotion alone.

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Leaders need to control the emotion and establish a vision, while also outlining a plan to get there.

So…What About You?

  • How often do you see others adjust their positions based on the actions and inactions of others?
  • How often do you see the opposite — where people continue their support of someone, regardless of that person’s actions or inactions?
  • How do you adjust your own views based on others’ actions and inactions?

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