Success Can Be Everywhere, Every Day, If You’re Ready To Realize It

Leadership Lesson: Take stock of all the positive things you do, both big and small. Don’t wait for something monumental to happen to celebrate your abilities.

Much in the same way society needs to rethink “failure,” it also needs to redefine success.

This great blog post on the Huffington Post is a rare gem that doesn’t just tell us how we should reach some grand idea or goal of success but instead has us look at our everyday valuable and contributing actions that might fly under the radar. Hopefully, through pieces such as this, we can realize that our everyday smaller actions can make an impact that are just as rewarding—albeit it, possibly in a different form–as “traditional” success.

Success isn’t necessarily only about achieving tangible value but also providing it–whether in a tangible or intangible form–as well in various forms and actions.

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So with everyday actions we can ask certain questions to determine those successes: How is it that I provide value? What is it that I contribute to my immediate environment? What impact have I made on my way to my ultimate or incremental goals that has left everyone in my wake in a better position?  How am I doing for myself?

Success can be anything that, no matter the scale, sharpens, improves, and focuses the environment around you, whether in the workplace or not.  It can be demonstrating something different, or a new, fresh way to approach life or the mission at hand. It is leaving behind the monotony of typical actions, and refreshing the landscape through actions. It’s a call to that action. It’s leaving something, no matter what it is, better than you found it.

It’s about counter-punching instead of rolling with life’s punches. It’s about being proactive, instead of reactive. Be proactive in building your success.  You don’t have to wait until what you think is your ultimate goal is reached or materializes to celebrate progress. There are places along the way where you can take pause and appreciate yourself and your contribution while building upwards.

The blog post referenced above provides so much insight into clarity and peace of mind both for external and internal awareness. Success can be mostly interpreted as the point where one gets to a position in their environment where everything in their life is covered and they don’t need to worry anymore. Peace of mind is attained. But keep in mind, that small instances of that occurrence can take place regularly; you just have to realize they’re there.

Think about the importance of all the little steps you have taken or are taking in working toward your goal. Everything contributes as a foundation.

If you don’t keep an eye out for the little things, it can be somewhat exhausting to wait until a goal is finally achieved to consider success only then, no?

So…What About You?

  • What can you consider successes in your everyday?
  • Did you think like this before–taking stock of your incremental and everyday actions? Why or why not?
  • Do you find your energy is better as you take stock and give appreciation as you go?

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