Whether You’re A Student Or A Seasoned Professional, Use The Self 60 List

The Self 60 – Professional Development Mind/Set was first compiled as a list of tips and concepts for business school undergraduates to consider and learn before entering their internships or full-time jobs.

The list, so named for the 60 items which make it up, like other pieces of advice and guidance, should be broken down and vetted, item-by-item, in order to understand what each tip means, how it applies, and how a student (of any age) can then utilize it going forward.

The list does not encompass everything that should be considered, but is instead a foundation of approaches and attitudes — a starting point — of which one should be cognizant before entering, understanding, and influencing the workplace.  It also serves as a refresher for current professionals, regardless of career stage, and is a living document for which items are rotated in and out accordingly.

Some people often note that simple pieces of advice are cliché, because they are short and easy to repeat. Their credibility can be questioned because many people may lob them around too easily when trying to resolve an issue or dilemma at hand. Beware of anyone who throws out a few words or phrases as a panacea to any issue and leaves it at that. Expect more.

A piece of advice is only cliché if someone merely mentions the words, phrasing, or name of the idea without going into depth about the value of the lessons therein. It’s easy to repeat words. What do they mean to you, though?

These items, on the other hand, are simple in appearance but can be profound in meaning and background. These items are meant to both begin a discussion and refine self-awareness.

To back up what I’m saying here, the Coach It Out and The Self 60 podcast does just that by breaking down each item to explain what it means and the advantage it can provide to the user, student, worker, or leader utilizing them.

What do each of these items mean to you?

To go further in-depth into each item on The Self 60, check out the Coach It Out & The Self 60 podcast episodes below.

So, What About You?

  • Which item(s) would you either add to or remove from the list? Why?
  • Who gave you the best pieces of advice which impacted your career the most and what were they?
  • What effort do you make in the work place in order to become — and remain — self-aware of your role and impact?

Coach It Out & The Self 60 Podcast

Episode 9: Be The Change You Want To See

If you note something of value is missing in your environment, be that value yourself.

Episode 8: Keep An Open Mind

Be open to everything — tools, information, and resources — in your environment.

Episode 7: Keep Your Word

Always follow through and do what you say you’re going to do. Set yourself apart.

Episode 6: Keep It Professional

Make sure you get the job done. Work hard, play hard.

Episode 5: Leave It Better Than You Found It

Everything you touch should be improved by the value you can provide.

Episode 4: Avoid Groupthink

Don’t just go along with the crowd. You have more to offer than just agreement.

Episode 3: Own Your Development & Path

The ultimate responsibility for your betterment is yours and no one else’s.

Episode 2: Always Continue Evolving

Make sure you don’t stop getting better. Don’t stand still. Keep improving. Keep going.

Episode 1: Practice the Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…to start.

Episode 0: Introduction to Coach It Out & The Self 60

Here’s what the podcast series is all about.

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