When It’s Time To Be Thankful, Make Sure You Acknowledge Your Own Work

This time of year we all get sentimental. The season is about family, friends, and realizing the true value of what we have as we close out the year, where toward the end of that celebratory season we’re then faced with what we will take on in New Year’s resolutions.

Giving thanks stems from appreciation, which stems from acknowledgement, which stems from taking stock and assessing what’s taking place.

Aside from thinking about and giving to others around the holiday season, and hopefully throughout the year in general, we should also take the time to consider where we are, where we’ve been, and where we want to go in both our personal lives and our careers. Granted, we should be doing it on an ongoing basis, every so often–assessing and reassessing our work and personal environments and determining where and how they reconcile with what we want for ourselves–but as we sit here in the more contemplative season of the year, it doesn’t hurt to give our personal development some thought as well.

So during this time of year, don’t forget to be a little selfish and let yourself think about what you both want for yourself and deserve. Much in the same way we put our foot on the brake this time of year to think about the treasures we have in our lives and how grateful we are for everything in our lives, and give to others whether in gifts, charity, or cheer, don’t forget to think about yourself in that mix.

Happy Holidays and Have a Great New Year…from CiO.

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