You Want To Get Their Best Results, But Do You Truly Understand Their Drivers?

Make sure to consider the drivers, the motivation, and the values of your team.  Keep in mind that because your team might be successful in its endeavors, it does not mean that the aforementioned factors are reconciled between your individual team members and the mission of your organization.

For example, because a project is fulfilled does not mean that all your team members were completely invested in the project or deliverable.

For instance, have you considered whether or not your team members felt fulfillment in the work that they were doing to complete said deliverable?

Granted, the work was completed and, apparently, to your standards and expectations, but if they had been more invested and been able to contribute their true values, would the project or work have been completed in a more efficient and impressive manner?

Many teams and organization achieve what they set out to do but miss out on a great amount of value that they forgo by not truly assessing, understanding, and tapping into the true value of their employees.  Have you taken into account all their abilities? Their concerns? Their suggestions?

Take the time to understand what makes your team members tick so that you can tap into not only all the benefits that you have asked of them and they have put on the table, but those they are capable of, which are listed on their resume or not, that they have yet to bring to the table.

Aside from the positive gain of those additional skills they might have, there is also the risk of your team members possibly becoming disengaged as they feel no true investment in the effort and mission at hand. If that is the case, slowly and little-by-little, their growth will be stunted and their skills, in fact, can even regress.

Their skills can only stretch, expand, and shine if you allow them to do so. If not, they become rusty, stale, and obsolete.

Make sure you’re paying attention. Remember…they are your investment.

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