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Your Leadership Wake: As A Leader, How Do You Acknowledge Others?

This previous post had broken down the understanding of leadership impact and the Leadership Wake and introduced this series of posts regarding where the wake from a leader’s action can be observed.

It outlined how a leader — or anyone for that matter — can create and leave behind a positive, exhausting, or neutral experience for those around them based on how they approach different areas such as collaboration, communication, and expression.

It asked us to…

What People Teach Us: Rex Tillerson – Taking The Pulse Of The Organization You Lead

A United State diplomat, in a scathing resignation letter, chided Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and outlined both the deterioration and dysfunction of the U.S. State Department during his tenure, charging that he’s caved under the irresponsible strategy of the Trump Administration.

So, what can we take away from this case when it comes to leadership development?

Yes, this is an extreme example. It’s politics. It’s unconventional. It’s in the era…

How Is Your Organization Or Group’s Leadership Viewed Differently, Internally And Externally?

How often have you been in an environment where the external perception of leadership was at odds with the internal view of that leadership?

In some cases, the public might praise the leadership of a group while the group itself has a negative opinion, for any number of reasons, about that leader.

Or, in other cases, the public scoffs at or has a negative opinion of a leader while the rank-and-file of that group supports the leader.


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