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Your Leadership Wake: In The End, What Would Happen If You Were To Leave Tomorrow?

Leadership Lesson: Always keep the future – the mid-term and long-term — in mind, and consider what things would look like and how well they would work after you’re gone.

This previous post had broken down the power and influence of leadership impact and introduced this series of posts covering where the wake from a leader’s actions can be observed and felt.

It outlined…

The Leader’s Legacy: How Do You Determine How History Will Remember Your Name?

“History will remember your/their name…”

In the current political climate, tempers run high, patience runs low, and discord and distrust run amok. The political landscape has become unrecognizable and shifted so far away from what is considered traditional and typical decorum and behavior.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is how each side of the political divide continues to stake their claim on the higher…

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