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On Your Way Up Through Your Career, Keep Reflecting On Your Past.

No one will ever be the same person at retirement that they were when they stepped through their first professional workplace door. Even if one remains in the same industry, or even in the same position, for their entire career their perception of their workplace, their position and their value (and values) will adjust as time goes on. There’s a constant natural evolution at work. (Pun intended.)

When I’ve presented to business school undergraduates ready to graduate…

Now That You’ve Graduated, How Are You Going to Strategize Your Steps?

This is a message to all those newly minted college graduates, whether they are first-time graduates who are ready to begin their career or graduate students ready to tackle the world again with education-refreshed eyes:

“Every day is an opportunity to execute tactic and strategy, no matter how big or small your actions are in scale.”

Below are some thoughts to consider in your strategic approach as you tackle the world in both your workplace and…

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