The Monthly Leader serves as a monthly delivery of Coach It Out (CiO) insights on leadership development, intersecting both professional and personal development. This newsletter will provide a broad exposure to concepts and ideas through its various sections.

You’re receiving this newsletter because I’ve worked with you in the past, whether on projects or as a coach, we’ve spoken about leadership, shared ideas as entrepreneurs, you’ve supported CiO’s development, or because I hope we can work together in the future.

The work CiO does draws from all those conversations and experiences so The Monthly Leader is your go-to resource from which you can take and to which you can provide ideas, opinions, and reflections.

Within The Monthly Leader take a look at the…

  • Blog Posts from the Coach It Out website
  • Episodes of the Coach It Out Podcasts
  • Checklists for your own assessment & reflection
  • Quotes based on different ideas and approaches to development
  • Recommended Articles based on the topic of Your Monthly Check-In 
  • Service Spotlight profiling a different service CiO provides in each issue


October Issue

Make Your Own Impact

So, how do you improve your environment? How do you add value to what is around you? You don’t need to be an official leader to make any kind of positive difference.

There’s always an opportunity to help others build up their skills and refine their own value. There are opportunities at every turn to step outside of our own world and make a change in the world of others. That’s one of the foundational beliefs behind this month’s Monthly Check-In on Social Responsibility.

September Issue

Leadership In These Times

Watching the news may be disheartening, but all the negativity we see can be offset by the little things we can all do for each other through the course of our actions. We can make an impression on others and influence others by understanding who it is they are and what it is they might need. No one can benefit from a divided world.

That belief ties into the Monthly Check-In on Emotional Intelligence.

August Issue

How Important Is Your Networking?

Look around you. Who and what do you surround yourself with?

Reaching out is not only meant to see how you can improve your position but also to demonstrate what you can provide – who you are and what your value is. You can refine your leadership through who you know. So, networking is the topic for your monthly check-in.

July Issue

Where Does Your Development Stand?
The Monthly Leader is your go-to leadership and professional development resource. Its sections come from real world experience and underlying themes in leadership coaching.

June Issue

It’s On Us To Make Everything Around Us Better

This is an interesting time to study leadership. Leadership around the world is moving at a rapid clip as evidenced by the rotating heads of state, shifting priorities, and reshuffling of partnerships.

May Issue

Welcome to the First Issue of The Monthly Leader!


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