Whether You’re A Student Or A Seasoned Professional, Use The Self 60 List

The Self 60 – Professional Development Mind/Set was first compiled as a list of tips and concepts for business school undergraduates to consider and learn before entering the business world through internships or full-time jobs.

The list, so named for the 60 items which make it up, serves like other pieces of advice and guidance which should be walked through, item-by-item, in order to understand what the tips mean, how they apply, and how the student (of any age) should proceed after the list has been reviewed.

The list is not everything that should be considered, but it is a foundation of approaches and attitudes of which to be cognizant before entering, understanding, and influencing the workplace.  It also serves as a refresher for already-working professionals, regardless of career stage.

The Self 60 is a living document, so items are rotated in and out accordingly.

So…What About You?

  • Which item(s) would you either add to or remove from the list? Why?
  • Who gave you the best pieces which impacted your career the most and what were they?
  • What effort do you make in the work place in order to become, and remain self-aware of, your role and impact?

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